EveryTrail GPS app

I’m using the EveryTrail app now and I’ve found at least one other person with whom I’m acquainted who has also used it. It seems like a nice enough free app for tracking a ride’s distance, time, and speed.

My profile is at: http://www.everytrail.com/profile.php?user_id=365974

If you’re on there and feel like it, follow me and I’ll do likewise. I’ve petitioned them to add Unicycling as an Activity. My expectations are not high, but one’s got to try.

I use iMapMyRun and just select road cycling. It is also free.

I’ve just logged my 100th ride using this app. Woohoo!

365 days, 268 rides, and 1,732 miles. 3 days riding out of almost every 4 days at an average of 6.5 miles.

Two years, 479 rides, and 2,945 miles.

Your rides are getting shorter.

You got a point, old man?

Cool app, might make me start using my Android again :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some health issues earlier in the year and my riding fell off. I am getting back into it, and it is a real pleasure.

With your continuous record of riding you can track all kinds of things including your health and general level of fitness.


Ouch Scott. I was only joking with the “old man” of course, as you are only two years my senior.

As for my rides, in fact, Sandy took a toll on my available time during the latter months of 2012. I also blame her for some weight gain that shortened my rides in general. :slight_smile: