Everything is going so good. So many things have changed with me and my unicycling!

Ok theres a whole lot of stuff thats been happening ever since i got my new kh trials about a money a go. Here whats been happening:

      • first of all ive been trying out street and trials unicycling and its great fun and i like new challenges. before i had my kh trials i just had a stupid standard learner unicycle.
      • Everyone loves my new unicycle and call it a “beast” or swear at the sight of it, “is that a motorbike tyre!?” and “whoa how bigs that tyre!?”. public often ask where i got it, how much it was, why its worth $800 etc… Im loving hte better public feedback now and im getting more known in my town then i am already, im “the guy that rides that bicycle/tricycle/ or unicycle thing” or known as “the unicycle guy”.
      • Ive learnt to do the rolling giraffe mount! Oh it loooks soooooooo effective and kool, it feels cool and is so much easier then climbing up a pole witht the seat in my legs. Ive been practicing for 2 days so hopefully tomorrow ill get it more consistantly.
      • Ive rode my kh to school =]
      • Has anyone seen this unicycle and juggling street performing vid? Its so sweet when the guy steps on to taller an taller giraffes. watch!
      • I mite have a partner to ride with!!! when i got my first unicycle when i was 11, 6 months after my frend got one cos i inspired him. Now that ive got my kh ive inspired him to get a Nimbus Trials!!! Finally never expeirienced riding with someone whgo does street and trials unicycling. Not that he cand do much yet…
      • Me and my 15 or 16 year old cousin (heres here rite now) mite busk together. Me- on my unicycle and COUSIN- magic tricks! He’s very good with his mgic tricks like slamming coins through tables and simply putting a hanky or anything in his hand and making it dissappear. Were both just wondering abot how to interact with the audience and how to gain a big crowd. (as some of you know i already busk but i dont tell jokes or interact much with teh crowd)

— ive put together lots of unicycling videos onto a dvd and they have sound. now i dont need to load up my computer or youtube videos :slight_smile:
I thinks thats just about all i have to say. Discuss!

What do we discuss? Well dome with learning new stuff and have fun with the busking and riding with others.

that’s great:D
riding trials unis to school always gets a great recepition :sunglasses: .
me and my cousin (like having a friend) go riding heaps aswell

Everyone can discuss-
Can you mount a giraffe unassisted?
Do you street perform?
Rode your uni too school/work?
What do you think of the street performing vid?
What do people say when they see your…trials, street, multiwheeled, giraffe or Coker? (or any other weird/cool looking unicycles)

When I take my trials uni to school I usually get comments from mates joking about unicycling and usually some idiots making stupid remarks. I only take it to school when im going for a ride with my mate afterwards