Everything is beautiful!

The coolest thing ever happened to me the other day. No, I did not get that lobotomy, it was something even more profound.

A guy from the local high school who I have seen numerous times in dramatic productions, or “plays”, said I was the coolest person he had ever met, and that he respected me. (No, it wasn’t sarcasm. Leave, you pessimistic freaks.) It was about all I could do to say thank you. It was so cool. It caught me totally off guard. It was about 9 at night and I was going home from an exciting evening of “busting it out” with some of my skateboarding friends.

Speaking of busting it out, I had more fun unicycling then than I think I ever have. (Everything looks hard on a unicycle, so if you can do 2-foot drops and hop a foot high, you can look like an expert.) These were some of my more intelligent friends, so I told them the secret to looking cool on a uni. It mainly consists of playing with people’s minds and making stuff looks really hard when you do it, or making it impossibly easy, and watching other people try it and castrate themselves.

Ah, yes, life is good.

Hey, it almost sounds someone’s in love. Congratulations :smiley:

Exactly! An occational UPD makes the trick look harder and makes it that more impressive when you nail it on the second attempt.
Unfortunately there’s a middle stage when you are not good enough at it to make it look easy, but too good to make it look hard.


P.S Lobotomies are way overrated

Of course, someday they may all learn to ride and spoil your fun…:slight_smile:

There’s always one more in the crowd to impress…

i love watching people crush their balls while they attempt to ride my unicycle… oh the laughs…

I just had an experience like this. I was having a get together with my friends, and I was trying to simple trials stuff. (untill the new uni gets fixed) Just hopping up a few pallets, then a big side hop to another pallet. I don’t know what it is, but people are more impressed with hops then riding. (Many ohhs and awwws)

Oh, and watching my friends try the uni was hilarious. Especially my very hardcore mtb-er friends.

http://www.freeriderz.cjb.net/ (check out the vids)

Watching them hit a big dirt jump, then crushing themselves on my uni is price-less.

We all get along well, though, since I’m almost as useless on two wheels as they are on one.

P.s. How difficult is it to combine a big side hop with a 180 or 360 spin? I havn’t had a chance to try yet.

Are you the “Unknown Unicyclist” in the first video, presumably? :slight_smile:

Great videos… the second one is very well done indeed.