Everything I ride breaks...

I need some help finding a durable trials unicycle, I have a way of breaking pretty much everything I touch. On my torker cx I trashed the cranks and bent the axel, and on my nimbus II the right bearing slid so the crank was grinding on the frame. If any of you have any recommendations I’m all ears, paying for repairs gets old really fast…

Well if you wanted the strongest uni possibly the Qu-ax is for you, its not ISIS but its not extremely exspensive but its solid and unfortunately its heavy.

If you want a light trials uni maybe a Kris holm 20. Mine is real solid even though i am not very rough. - http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=799

hope that helps. Maybe your nimbus was faulty?

uh all you need is a spacer like the KH has, you can order the bolts and spacers, just get rid of the bolts and put in the spacers. it doesn’t sound like you are that hard on your equipment, it sounds like you are just too lazy to fix it.
if thats the case get a koxx one. i had to fix the rim on my kh so i got a Koxx one undrilled rim.

haha nah I’m not too lazy, I just have terrible luck and I don’t know how to fix any of it but thanks anyway

you don’t have terrible luck, anyone would break a cx riding trials on it, and as described the nimbus is easily fixable.

dude don’t worry about it, a CX is a weak unicycle, so it’s pretty normal it’s breaking on a little trials. You’ll need a real splined trials uni and you’ll be fine. Out of interest how much do you weigh and how old are you?

now i’ll go back to my broken kh07 rim… sniff.

are you a fat bastard,sorry had to ask.:slight_smile:

Have you not got your new rim yet? or have you just not been bothered to relace it. My new wheelset should hopfuly arive this week :slight_smile: Unfortionatly my new frame was forgotten about so now I need to wait for it to arive then be sandblasted and clearcouted and then be sent to me :frowning:

haha no I’m 16 and 130 lbs, I’ve been riding for about a year so I know what I’m doing but when it comes to replacing or repairing something I’m still a noob

Welcome my new friend. (Check your PM) :wink:

1) Well, for starters a CX isn’t exactly the best torker unicycle for durability. My favourite would have to be either the Torker DX or Nimbus ISIS and don’t worry i’ve bent a few unicycles myself too also. :smiley:
2) Read above lines. :stuck_out_tongue:
3) Do you have any tools around the house or purchased any off the UDC website???