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I’m a university student in Business Management. Our project is to come up with an attainable plan to learn how to unicycle like Kris Holm… I know nothing about unicycling except that your riding a bike that has one wheel and no bar to steer… If there are any helpful suggestions, stories, or annnyything about unicyling that your willing to share I’d really appreciate it!

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First lesson - never call it a bike. Next…

Second lesson:

Look for the little “Search” link near the top of the page. While you can do general searches on Google, searching in here will be more focused on the topic, of course.

Good luck with your project; according to our informal research, nobody can ride like Kris Holm. :slight_smile:

Kris Holm can!

Who can take a ridgeline, sprinkled down with dew,
Cover it with tire tracks, and a pedal strike or two…

…the Kris Holm man can! :smiley: (but without the pedal strikes!) :slight_smile:

Next Lesson

“You are” is shortened to “you’re”, not “your” :smiley:

Seriously…search on the site; there is WAY too much info for one post.

Well I think your business plan should look something like this:

  1. Practice all day every day.
  2. ?
  3. Profit!

lesson 3: BALLS IN FRONT!

What does learning to ride like Kris have to do with a business plan?

Questions and Answers

Well, as to the question about what it has to do with a business plan… Learning to unicycle isn’t easy, or something that can be acheived in a short amount of time, and most people find the idea of learning to unicycle daunting. Kind of like managing a group of people. What I’m learning in Business Management is how to work in a group, contribute, and somehow I ended up being the person in charge… The reason why unicycling was the example the professor chose was that most people don’t have much knowledge about unicycling (at least not in the area that I live in) so no one has an edge on anyone else, and every student it starting off at almost zero knowledge of how to unicycle, where to go to unicycle, ect.

I’m sorry I should have been more specific about what I was wondering about. How long have you been unicycling? What got you involved in unicycling? Whats the best time to unicycle? How would you become a professional unicyclist, how long would that take on average, what obstacles would you face? Have you been injured? Who should I learn about, aside from Kris Holmes, that would be a good example of successfully mastering a unicycle? Have you been Municycling? What would you suggest would work, what wouldn’t work? What is the most important part of unicycling? What would you have done differently while trying to learn/get to the point that you are?

Those kind of things lol. Oh and to the grammatical correction… I’m really a Fine Arts student, this is one of the electives that I have to take in order to get my degree ha ha.

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The questions you’re asking have been answered dozens, if not hundreds of times over already. Using the search feature to mine the thousands of threads contained in this forum will work well.

Simply dumping a mountain of very broad questions in one paragraph in one thread, not offering us anything in return, and expecting the community to race to you with their many decades of experience will not work.

How to ride like Kris.

Wear lots of protective gear.
Ignore all common sense advice. Like the advice above.
Pay no attention to what other people are doing - choose your own path.

Repeat hundreds of times.

Okay, it does seem like this person is sincere, so how about if we all just do a “quick” review of our learning curve? I’ll begin:

June 2008, puchased a 20" sun beginner uni, practiced daily for one hour,
Rode 100 feet after one week
Rode up and down the street at two weeks
Rode around the block at three weeks
Learning free mounts
I practiced 3-4x a week in this period, one hour per practice
July 2008, purchased a UDC 24" muni
Rode grassy school yard after four weeks
Rode gravel road after six weeks
Rode easy double track after eight weeks
Getting majoirty of free mounts when not tired
Still riding at least 3x a week, one hour of longer
August 2008, puchased a UDC 26" muni
Riding easy double track, able to ride easy single track after two to three months.
Still riding 3x a week on average, more of a regular riding thing than practice.
Sept 2008-May 2009
Able to ride intermediate single track, doing longer ride now, going out for up to three hours, still having plenty of UPD’s and walking tough sections
June 2009-June 2010
Puchased a number of different unis including a 29er and a new 26er, still riding consistently 3x a week, can manage most single track, working on climbing tech stuff, playing with tires, looking at longer cranks.
June 2010 to present
Now own five unis: 36, 26, 24, 20, 20. Have sold all of my bikes. Still riding 3x a week, can ride most any single track that I could bike, riding in snow, mud, wet, dry, cold or hot.
I still feel like I’m learning, have goals that center on riding certain super tech sections of local trails, building up endurance, doing more hopping (my weakness) and trying to find uni buddies.
Coming up on three years, who’d have thought that uni riding could become such a central part of ones’ life :slight_smile:

Next lesson:
It’s HOLM.

Also, watch this documentary on unicycling made by a user on here by the name of joejumps4fun. It should help with a few of your questions.

Jeez Ben I don’t know how you can remember that many specifics.

I learned to ride in '09
Learned to ride in a day (not very well)
learned to free-mount in a week.
180 unispin in 2 months.
quit uni due to knee injuries
december 2010 picked the uni back up, determined to not let my knees control whether I was having fun!
Bought a 20" trials uni and a 24" Muni in February 2011
started muni in February, and been doing some pretty intense intermediate trails

starting to see the stomach fat disappearing, and my body feels great, my legs feel awesome, and my level happiness has vastly improved.

I have 4 uni’s now… 2 good uni’s and 2 funky uni’s that stay in the back of the garage.