Everyone list their unicycles and other accesories you like!

Everyone list your unicycle type and other Items that might be included into unicycling. I have a Torker LX 20" and pro tec shin guards. I also have a camelbac blowfish with some kona bike shorts and a giro helmet.

There is another thread like this, I believe.
Anyway, I have a:
Nimbus Trials, Torker LX 26", Torker CX 20"

There are like a 100 threads that are the same, why start another?

Torker TX giraffe
Nimbus 36"
Onza trials
KH 24"

661 4x4, 2x4 and mullet helmet
MET helmet
TSG Pro Wristguards
dakine helipack
platypus hydration system
DMR V12s
ronhill tracksters

qu-ax muni
kh 20"
sun 20" freestyle
custom 29er

661 4x4s
kh gloves
protec helmet
camelbak rogue
cateye enduro cyclocomputer

I think Dustin has a point.


Torker CX 20"
Torker DX 20"

661 4x4
Bell Triton Helmet
Protec Mike Aitken Helmet
Fox Racing XC gloves

he definately does… and i mean wots the point? at least the post a picture of ur uni thread is nice to look at :smiley:

I will post a pic, but I need new pedals first.


yeah, there are a bunch of threads like this, but, hell, i’ll list my unis anyway

Torker DX 24"
Torker CX 20"

20 inch Nimbus X
KH20 07 trials
NImbus 24 inch muni
20 inch BC
pro-tec helmet
2 pairs 661’s

who cares… hes new he might not know about the search function. heaps of people on this site are really bitchy. I have a torker LX, 661’s, 07 fox dirtpaw gloves

Well it might have been a better idea to add on to the other thread than make a new one.

yeah but hes new to this site so he might not no how to find other threads. im just sayin people dont have to have a go at everyone cos the dont know how to search.

Ive got:

Two Qu-Ax Splined Trials Unicycle
Nimbus 29" Unicycle
Pair off 661’s
KH pulse gloves
KH fusion freeride saddle
Snufnu peddles

Stop having a go, whats so bad about having a thread done again? but more modern. people change their set ups dont they?
Well I’ve got a:
19" Monty with KH hub and crankset.
six six one shi pads
A helmet with a pattern of jelly beans on it

for the hell of it! :stuck_out_tongue: