everybody is talking about cokers

Why does nobody talk about the 48" uni on unicycle.com?

is it the strength or the price or what?

Re: everybody is talking about cokers

The 48" has a hard tire, a la the average tricycle; the 36" Coker is air-filled. There is no comparison in riding comfort, sustainable speed, or safety. Just my opinion, but the only reasons someone would buy the 45" would be out of a nostalgia element (remnant of the penny-farthing that was Uni’s mother), or to get the visual element of it as part of a uni show.

Re: Re: everybody is talking about cokers

All that and if you do order it, poor John Drummond has to get some chain clippers and steal the darn thing right off the street.

Raphael Lasar

Matawan, NJ