Every one wants stronger cranks but.....

Robbie and others keep saying people like Ryan Aktins are beening held back by there cranks ect but no one seems to think thats not the weakest bit of there uni it’s pedals?so are they not being held back by pedals?
So whens a kh pedal range coming out!

Well, I think the cranks bend a lot more than the pedals do. Their weight comes down on the pedals, obviously, but that weight is transferred to the cranks.

I would rate my pedals as mid-range and they bend much more often than my KH and Profile cranks. I currently have bent sets of Odyssey Twisted Pros, Kona Jackshits (x2), and some cheaper ones (x2) and only one and a half bent sets of KH cranks.

I think they need to make pedals with a spindle that doesn’t taper down once it reaches the bearings. A friend of mine suggested this and I think it makes a lot of sence.


They do make such a pedal. Look at the Gack Juggernaut. The downside is that the MSRP is $130 USD.

For a stronger pedal I’d also consider the AtomLab Trailking pedal. It’s got an oversized axle. And with their new DU bearingless design the axle has less taper than last years sealed cartridge bearing design. I haven’t actually tried their new bearingless pedals yet. It’s on my list of toys to try. But to try them I’ll have to buy them and I haven’t forked over the money yet.

All I said was that his cranks held him back from doing doing higher drops, never said that his pedals didn’t. I don’t know if his pedals hold him back or not as I’ve only seen him commenting on how he wish Profile made stronger cranks. He might have some pretty crazy pedals though, but I really have no idea about his pedals.