Every one love a unicycle

I was riding through the park on my 24’’ dx and I took a break and 5 chicks walked up and asked how i ride it and i got on it and said like this and rode off. then when i got back they asked if they could try and i helped them one and they all were happy. stuff like that make unicycling alot more fun!!!

Pictures up soon.

Get that man a UDC “Chick Magnet” T-shirt! :slight_smile:

Atleast in a school setting, the “Chick Magnet” shirt is 100% correct.

I’ve had girls I’ve never really talked to around my school come up to me and question it and giggle about it.

It’s the quirkiness of it that just makes people love it. :smiley:

There’s obviously some people who hate it with a passion simply because they find it weird, but I like it, all my friends like it, there’s a community for all of us, and random people dig it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same. I’ve had girls walk up and just ask if they can have ago and then you gotta hold em up and then they ask you to show them how to get on and then it just goes on for like 20 minutes

happens to me a lot in high school. unicycles arent common in these here parts. ive had people yell out, “Look! A tricycle!”

Girls dont talk to me:( No one talks to me because I’m unicycling… No one talks to me!:(:stuck_out_tongue:

too bad ur not in america.

I am in america… or do you mean USA? because Canada is in North America… Anyway, I dont really mind, I love riding even though I’m not a “chick magnet”:slight_smile:

technically, america is just the a in usa. i didnt say north america

No. US is considered North America too. North america is just the North of America, just like South America.

Anyway, I’m not a geologist… That’s what I learned at school 2 years ago…

canadians dont learn much in school apparently. so you mean that US or united states means all of north america? america is not a continent. AMERICA IS NOT A CONTINENT. you need a north or south in front to make it a continent.

Canadians learn alot in school. Some people in the US dont know what Canada is, 2 years ago when I went in Disney land, there was a Canadian exposition and it was all snowy and like just a few houses around(There was alot more stupid stuff too that’s not like Canada)… Anyway, it’s not worth saying all that stuff because you’ll just reply something again and again and again.


It depends on the definition of continent. But Canada IS in America without discussion. And there’s no need of testing the canadian or USA educational system.

Hi from the great Europe :stuck_out_tongue:

i said america, not north america. canada is in north america. okay? back to thread topic s’il te plait

yeah, my uni’s are better than puppies! You even get to catch the girls, so much better than puppies.


I’m really sorry but I couldn’t resist. We watched this at school so it’s relevant to the threadjack:p
0:40 should end the debate :wink:

ps. Americans are great people. I love 'em:D