Ever shot a firearm while riding a unicycle??

I know that someone out there has got to have tried this.
BTW: BB guns don’t count .22 cal or larger only!

The Unicycle Bastards are getting ready to work on an independent film that involves shooting (at zombies) from the saddle of a unicycle and all-out slaughter of Zombies(The film is the full version of the Unicycle “Bastards Kick Zombie Ass Trailer” that was posted here last month. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItQimn5HWmA )

While the film maker isn’t likely to let us use any live rounds during production, there are several of us that ride on the wild side that wonder who out there, has actually shot a gun while riding . . . . and isn’t shy about telling the rest of the group about it. Shotgun use is of particular interest to me and the rest of my zombie killing group of Unicycle Bastards.

Hey, kids, I’m NOT saying you should go out and try this - EVER!! This posting should be viewed as research for a really less than serious video project. I DONT endorse unsafe use of firearms or running roughshod (on a unicycle) over the very IMPORANT and NECESSARY range safety rules at any shooting range or . . . . zombie infested farm house or cemetary.


Man I hate zombies dont talk about them!! :stuck_out_tongue: my biggest fear is zombies. Cause what can stop zombies? NOTHING CAN.

Dude, a shot to the head man.


Does a bow count? I like screwing around with a 54" recurve, even though it’s kind of intimidating using sharp Zwickey broad heads on a uni…

It would be interesting to see someone shooting a shotgun (at zombies) while on a unicycle. I suspect the recoil could be tricky to deal with. But only blank rounds. The idea of shooting live rounds while on a unicycle doesn’t strike me as a wise thing to do.

No. I don’t own a firearm, so I won’t be trying that. But I have carried a chainsaw for a quarter mile while riding my muni. The chainsaw was ON but wasn’t running. Later I realized that it might be a better idea to turn it off while riding…

I assume you were doing volunteer trail maintenance at the time?

I’ve shot a .22 LR while idling. No big deal since .22’s have zero recoil. I wouldn’t mind shooting something with a higher caliber but I’m also kinda lazy…
I could shoot my dad’s .40 handgun, that would be easy enough.
I’d like to see someone shoot something like a 30_06 or higher. Good luck hitting any kind of target with that.

And I have, of course, shot BB guns, wrist rockets, and bow and arrows (recurve and compound both) :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha, I’ve never been to a shooting range with my unicycle (well, i have but its always been in the trunk of my car), but I’d assume a pistol’s recoil wouldn’t affect much, seeing as it’s all in the hands. A shotgun might, especially if you’re shooting a heavy load like buckshot or deer slugs. Perhaps I’ll have to find a way to try this out lol

I know this doesn’t count, but I shot an airsoft gun on a uni.

Um…like this?


Who needs a shooting range? Shooting ranges are for city slickers. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :wink:

Re: Ever shot a firearm while riding a unicycle??

You see a topic like this and hey what a surprise - it’s a US

Sorry guys, I’m sure that you are all ‘responsible’ gun users. But I
hope you’re aware that in other places, casual talk about letting off
firearms any time you feel like it is awful scary. And that culture
must surely increase the number of murders and gun injuries, just like
more driving = more road deaths.

Isn’t unicycling enough of an adrenaline rush?

kind of answered your own question there

I used to agree with this but Canada has a rediculous amount of guns even compared to the US and we have a lot less murders here than many countries with less guns per capita. I think it really depends on how the guns are use, how the gun culture is, and how long responsible gun culture has been around.

Around here guns aren’t really thought of as much as protection devices but more just for hunting, thats their only real purpose for probably 70-80 percent of Canadians as far as I know.

Whats really amusing though is the amount of people who are killed by their own guns.

Either way, I don’t plan on owning one, I did enjoy the time I went to the shooting range though, and I think if I was around a responsible gun environment I would probably enjoy shooting some stuff. Guns are still pretty scary though.

And lets be serious people, fire arms, rifles, pistols, they are still guns and they are pretty much at the limit (if not over it) of what humans should be in control of.

I Was even in a War with a Unicycle!

Lets start off by saying that I am NOT expressing any political views here.
I am just stating the situation in a factual way in order to contribute to the post.

I participated in the Lebanon war two summers ago. Let me tel you that in a war you can get away with a lot of stuff. Rockets were landing all over the place and tanks and artillery were constantly firing off rounds. Therefore no one even noticed M-16 firing which is what I shot from a unicycle. (I was not shooting at anyone.) Also no one has to account for ammunition. There is to much going on to count bullets.

I am a mortar operator and sniper and when I was not on duty I would take my unicycle on rides through the fruit orchards in the area. The area of Northern Israel and southern Lebanon is very mountainous with terraced fruit orchards all over the place. It was great riding. I had to have my personal weapon (An M-16.) on me at all times. Soldiers are brought up on charges who leave thier weapons unatended, therefore I rode with my gun. On one of my rides in a valley during an artillery firing barrage I just pulled the bolt back and started firing the gun in single shot mode. No problem. However when I tried it on fully automatic I was knocked off the unicycle on to my ass. I am a good marksman but let me tell you that your accuracy is not great and it is not easy. I am sure that with practice you could probably get quite good.


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The trick here–as The Duke showed us in “True Grit”–is to put the reigns in your teeth, then pedal your unicycle straight toward the zombies as fast as you can, shooting, then twirling the shotgun to re-cock it, then shooting again. Every three shots, yell “Hai!” and give the zombies the evil eye. Mr. Wayne proved you can take out a lot of zombies with that strategy.

I’m not taking a stance either way on the background situation, but do need to say this: Way to further the research…


i love zombies, of all the horrible things that could happen to this world, a zombie uprising would be terrifying and amazingly awesome.

i haven’t shot a firearm from a uni, but i have shot a recurve bow (55lbs) at a 30m target
after at least 40 arrows, i actually hit a ten :open_mouth:
hitting an X is still elusive though

I have never tried shooting from my unicycle, I had never really thought about it. I’ve been with my dad to the shooting range before, but I was only small so wasnt allowed to use the gun. I may give it a try with my air rifle though!

This thread makes me sad.