ever heard of an action 20"?

I bought an Action 20" from a local bike shop. Does anybody know who makes this. It is Black and sports a 2.5" tire, it had some tough medal pedals on it. And and quick ajustable saddle without a lift handle. I paid $139 last spring. I changed the pedals to plastic after first blood. I was wondering who else sells these and if they make a 24" off road. I am new to the sport and only 5’7". Second question, is 24" good for off road for my hieght?

Nope. Never. A quick Google search did turn up this, however, and if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

tire is a Luna

The tire is a Luna 2.5 bike trials and the only stickers on it are on the forks. It says Action and the O is a sprocket. It has a H style frame as opposed to the upside down U. It has chrome bearing caps as well. It has a DX 32 rim. Somebody must have seen this. Maybe it is under a different name.

Sounds like some decent-quality stuff for general riding around, and light trials and MUni. Probably not splined, right?

yeah, that uni is mint for the price he paid for it. the frame looks similar to the kh frame.

hub is square

the hub is a square and the cranks are square with a 15mm nut…not sure what you call it…

Sounds like a cotterless, which, though much stronger than cottered, is not as strong as the more expensive splined hubs. I wouldn’t advise doing more than 2-3 foot drops with it.

at 40

I am 40 years old, I am not planning on jumping off things bigger than a curb. I am heavy as well 220#, so as far as free jumping 6-8" max…

i jusat went ans searched it the company that makes it it action i guess theres no specific name for that model?? I found it here

sounds just like the norco muni or nimbus entry level trials uni. depending on your wieght they are very sturdy unis

what the crap is a redline torker?

ahaha i was thinking the same thing, redline is a brand of bmx and so is torker, i think that bicycle source site is some dodgy rip-off that are just mixing names, so that beginner unicyclists think that it sounds good! :thinking: