Ever Have One Of Those days?

have you ever had a day or a practice session where something that usually comes naturally to you on your uni just wont go? like today i was practicing my sif hops on a curb thats about 10-12 inches high and i was landing it on and off and i really started to get it. now ussualy this curb is an easy seat in sidehop for me but after all that sif practice i couldnt for the life of me do it seat in…i would roll up stop hop a few times do a little stall and then go for it but my wheel would come just short every time. i was like WTH this is the way i always do it and it just wouldnt work. then i went back a few hours later and nailed it first try and every try after that.

so have you ever had one of those days?


Yep, i think we all have, its kinda weird lol

yeah man I know what you’re saying and that sh*t pisses me off, you just have to be patient and try to keep pushing yourself…

i used to call the “bad skate days” but as this isnt skating we cant call them that

and i hate them days

Yes you may. We are a very tolerant group here.

I had one of those days today. I started by riding my unicycle to my truck in flip-flops, going up the driveway, falling on my hands and scraping them badly, all before even leaving for the MUni ride. On the MUni ride, I started with 1.5 knees which is all I’ve got. I had to quit early because I was reduced to one knee after about 90 minutes of riding. And it wasn’t on a drop or a fall. It twisted when I was torquing into a turn. And it was a beautiful day and we had six fun riders on the outing. I missed out.

I have those days.

I either find myself laughing at myself, or am furious enough to throw my unicycle (of which, I don’t…but, I may drop it and walk away growling, “I can’t believe it! That was so easy! How could I mess up! I could do that blindfolded!”

Having anger as a reaction tends to ruin a ride, until my attitude changes.

through out all of telemark nationals this weekend i felt like i wasnt skiing right… my skiis werent tracking properly and i wasnt building speed like i should have. i would get to the bottom and see my times 5 seconds behind everyone else… it was totally depressing… i definatly know how you felt