Ever had one of those OTHER days?!

…you know, the ones that make you completely freak out because they’re so awesome?

SO: my day-

I’ve been worried about getting cranks for moab. I bent them on the seven set in my avatar, then i ordered new ones from Bedford (who is my hero). The other day an empty retarded enbvelope arrived in the mail, because apparently the post office made Darren put my cranks in an envelope that couldn’t hold them. I’ve been freaking out since I couldn’t figure out how I was going to have something to ride at moab, and I’m leaving on thursday, which leaves precious little time for me to get cranks/find the ones that got lost in the mail. Anyway, today I come home from school and find that the original package arrived in the mail. That was the big thing for today, but there was SO much other stuff. A selection:

-I get a letter inducting me into the National Honor Society

-I find out that I can actually go to Boy’s State, something I didn’t think I would be able to do.

  • I ace a random test.

  • I ace a calculus test, which happens almost never. I’m not so good at calc.

I generally decry internet bragging as somewhat pointless, but I’m SO happy right now that I just had to post this. I love it when good stuff happens, and today was about the best. Ever.

I can ride at Moab!!! OH YEA!!

well i cant say ive had one of those days yet…but ive had alot of the other ones lately…glad to hear your day went well though.

Yesterday (sunday) was like that for me, even right at 12am, so right as sunday started, my day was going awesome, then later in the day when it was actually sunny, all my riding was awesome, learned to one-foot idle, one-footed with my other foot, hopping higher and longer, it was great, there was a lot more good stuff but but other than my accomplishments my day was going great, also it was sunny and very nice out =p

eyyyyy, you da man!

today i nailed a side hop that was about 2 inches higher than my previous best and started hitting that height consistantly. i’m pretty pumped. it’s around 27-28 inches. soon i will be doing a 5 stack. just another inch or so…

Yes, I have.

It was several years ago late on a summer morning, well before I turned 50 and both dogs were still alive. I live about a mile from Puget Sound and walk to one of the parks or beaches every weekend year round and have for over 25 years. I started my walk from my home which is maybe 20 minutes from the park entrance. The entrance is at the dead end of a residential street and transitions into a forest canopy in a ravene. As I began to walk from home I noticed that I had no pain in any of my joints. My stomach wasn’t acidy and I was neither hungry nor thirsty. Neither my back nor neck were stiff and sore. I didn’t hurt anywhere and the sun was shining on my back as I walked toward the park.

When I got to the park trail and let the dogs off to roam I was surrounded by warm, moist air in mottled shade and the sounds of only the woods and its inhabitants. There were no lawnmowers or chainsaws running in the yards above me with homes hidden beyond the crests of the ravene. I saw no one else walking in on that day. After a half mile or so I crested the cliff that overlooks the water and the tide was out exposing 300 yards of sandy beach bathed in sunlight. And I still felt no pain.

I walked down the switchbacks and railroad tie stairs to the beach and the dogs took off chasing each other and other dogs on the beach but stayed away from me so I could enjoy watching their frolicing from a distance. Since they stayed away from me, the few people and other dog owners on the beach stayed away also and kept their noises to themselves, hushed by the sound of the nearby surf. I walked barefoot on the sand and in the tidewaters along the beachfront with the sun in my face for quite some time, completely free of aches and pains and thirst and hunger. I knew that this would be the last time in my life that I would feel this way. No one spoke to me.

The important thing was to recognize that moment and realize what it meant. I will always be able to relive it in my mind but will never be able to hold it in my hands again. The entire event, including the parts I omitted, are burned into my memory in the “pure joy” part of my brain and I can always get there when I want.