Ever find yourself just not wanting to ride?

Lately(the last 2 weeks or so) i just havent felt like riding at all…I havent even touched my unis in atleast 2 weeks. Now i just got this new bike and i feel even less like riding the unis. Im hoping that maybe its just a rut im stuck in and that the end is near but i just really dont even wanna ride lately…

Have you ever had this happen? How did you overcome it/why did you start riding again?


Oh yes, definitly. Like, for a whole month after I got back from NAUCC I didn’t ride very seriously (I still rode, but I just dicked around and felt too lazy to learn anything, etc.)

Oh man, thats been me for months now. Right now I don’t feel like riding at all. I havent learned anything in soo long. I will probably just not ride for a week or so then ill want to ride again.

No. Never happened. Every day I want to ride. I unicycle every single day for at least 30 minutes. It’s like a drug to me.

But, i’ve only been ridin for 4 months, and just aquired a back injury from uniycling and am going to have to force myself to stop for a few days.

I also had to stop when I got my wisdom teeth removed because when I’d ride the sockets would start pulsing and bleeding. But that really really really sucked. I was absolutely dying to ride.

ehh i feel like that sometimes but i just go ride for a little and i want to keep going

Sometimes it takes me a while to get going. Once I get going however, I want to keep going.

I’ve been like that for about a year skateboarding:( It’s somehting I really enjoy doing, but I just always find excuses to not do it. It depressing because I even have a miniramp in my backyard.

I’ve been doing a bit of street skating, but no ramp whcih is what I like more:(

Only when I’m eating or sleeping. And even then I want to ride! (And often dream that I’m riding…except that I’m MUCH better in my dreams!) :smiley:

no i want to ride all the time. but for those who not want to ride ( becuse you think your on top and there nothing elss left good luck with that) I will be more the happy to pay shipping and recive all you unis that you are too good for latly :smiley:

what is wrong with you. you should go see a doctor:D
but seriosly its never happened to me, but i worry bout it happening every day…

i haven’t rode in like two weeks. I had a resaon though. One is i was at boot camp the first week adn the second week i was sick. yesterday was the first time I have rod in a while. all i did was ride my 20 like 2 1/2 miles to the store and back because i wanted a drink and some chetos. The only time I rode today was i hoped up on of my steps and came back in. Try buting something. My dx is supose to be here monday and i can’t wait to ride it it is going to be awesome. For like the first few months thats all I would want to do is ride i would take my unicycle with me everywhere. Now I hardly take it with me. Like i said When i get my dx i will be back to my old self riding everyday and having fun doing it

edit: I was talking to my cusion the other day about me being sick and not felling loike riding my unicycle and she lookls at me and goes. "What is wrong with you if you don’t even fell like ride your unicycle. /also when i was sick i thried to ride my giraffe once but i was to weak to mount it

I didn’t feel like rideing for about 20 years (82-05) now I can’t get enough of it.

Two words:


every time i get bored in a class or something, i start daydreaming of all the tricks i could be practicing instead.

thats sort of what i do but i just design trials courses and unis

haha, same. I think of things I could add to my course/ design obstacles and practise sketching unis. unis are hard to draw if you haven’t tried!

I’ll ocationally get into few days at a time like that. I’ll just go ride any ways, evan if its literally just doing circles. One thing that gets me super stoked to ride, is when non-uni-ists watch me do somthing and are really impresed, then I want to go learn more stuff so the next people are really wowed

When i’m at work, that’s all I ever think about. There is no such thing as a second at work that i’m not thinking about uniycling. No matter what i’m doing at least 25% of my mind is dedicated to thinking about unicycling. It’s kinda pathetic…but I just love unicycling.

Oh, yeah, it happens sometimes. But after having some days off from riding I usually just yearn for it. :slight_smile:
On the other hand when lazyness takes me over completely I sometimes try to force myself to go uni. And then, just after a while of riding I’m happy I did it!


I’ve also got another fool proof plan… Drink a couple of then Watch a couple of and I dare you not to want to ride :smiley:

Sorry, but at 19 there was a three letter word occupying at least 25% of my mind all the time, and uni wasn’t it.:smiley: