Ever consider getting one of these?

I’m in Hong Kong at the moment (which is pretty cool for trials and stuff- loads of concrete!) and I happened to bump into these in a promotion in a shopping centre there.

Would you ever consider getting one for rainy days in?!

Yikes that is helluva big- Sorry! Can anyone help me out?! I’m on a Chinese computer and can’t work anything out!

oh man, i always wanted one of those… (but in that not-really kind of way) I ride in the rain, but i think if i had one of those, I would ride INSIDE in the rain while watching TV.

How much do they want for it?

what’s the point? you don’t have to balance???

I think it’s quite funny that it apparently has a unicycle seat and puts you in a unicycling (as opposed to bicycling) body position. I wonder who they’re marketing it toward?

I don’t think it will catch on. I’ve seen them before, a few years ago so this may not be a new design. Though there may be some appeal for people with tiny apartments (like almost everyone in Hong Kong), the riding position is pretty lame from a bicycling point (or comfort) of view.

Our old friend Sendhair bought one of those. See this thread. In Sendhair’s thread there’s a link to a Hong Kong site that sells them.

And here’s a resized photo:


remove the seat and seat-post and you’ll have a a great UW trainer.

Well the site says HK$2480 so that’s about… 220-230 pounds… I can think of better things to spand that on, I’ll have a look in the shopping centre again if they are still there and see how much they’re asking. I tried riding one and its kind of strange, though the seat was really low and I was too lezy to adjust it so that added to the strangeness. The seat seems pretty decent. I’m not sure if you can adjust the difficulty settings etc, but I’ll play around and maybe take some photos. They were marketing it as a balance enhancing product. Some poor guy had to ride one all day just about and seemed so relieved when anybody checked one out as he could leap off and try and make the sale, before returning to his pedalling!

Just notcied you’re from Bellevue Mr Childs, strangley enough I just escorted my aunt and uncle to the airport to go back to that very place!

Bicycle seats are not designed for prolonged, upright, “no hands” riding. Several years ago I was doing some indoor spinning on my road bike with the stationary trainer. I took an extended phone call and sat up in the “no hands” position for quite a while and kept pedaling during the conversation. It wasn’t until after I hung up that I realized I was numb from about my navel to my knees. I would have gladly had a uni seat instead of my roadie seat that particular evening. :astonished: