Ever Bought A Uni For Anyone Else?

Just wondering if anyone here has bought a uni for anyone else & if they bothered/attempted learning how to ride it?

I was telling my nephew that I got one & was having fun learning how to ride etc. He seemed quite interested in it. So, the last time we went to see him and his parents, I brought him up a new torker dx 20". He facebooked it as soon as I put it together for him & seemed pretty interested. He didn’t want to try it out while I was there. Month later, I was speaking to his dad & he said the kid hasn’t even tried to ride it - it’s still sitting on the stand where I put it after assembling it. Said he talked about it once. Oh yeah, my nephew is 12. Guess he can always ebay it.

Guess that’s the last time I buy one for anyone without them asking for one…

Think your best bet is to go over and start teaching him how.
He wont be interested until he can get on it a bit. Go over take him out, get him riding and show him what you can do!!

I bought my son-in-law a used KH20. He is also borrowing my Coker (He already knew how to ride). I have given a couple of Torkers to other relatives. So far they have learned. If/when they buy better unicycles I want them to pass the learners along.

Easier said than done - we live about 800 miles apart.

I did try and show him what I knew while I was there, but he wasn’t interested. His dad did say he’d help him out if he was going to try and learn how to ride it.

Good on you for providing him with that opportunity to learn unicycling at quite a young age. If he takes it, great! If not then at least you gave him a chance to try something that you find fun and challenging. Maybe it is not his cup of tea, the world is full of many diverse choices and freedom to choose your own recreation makes it way more fun. He may not realise how much fun he could have now, but perhaps one day it will be sitting there taunting him and he will pick it up out of boredom or curiousity and it might take off. Maybe you could post a follow up comment on facebook sometimes checking his progress and encouraging him to try it.

Be glad that there are such things as Torker DX 20s that you can give to people, without hurting as much as seeing a good KH going to waste not being used. There must be a lot of unused unicycles out there! Asking first rather than making it a surprise gift might have helped, but not everyone knows exactly what they want until they have experienced it.

I bought a 12" and cut it in half for my niece but she was only semi-interested and grew way faster than needing the small uni. I was pretty slack at keeping getting her on it all the time- but I don’t like to force teaching people, they will learn if and when they want to. The 12" is still always a hit at schools because the size makes it a challenge to ride and the smallest kids can have a go too.

I think unicycle advocacy is a lot of fun. Any unicyclists converted are a positive thing towards a happier world, and energy spent on seemingly lost causes is worth it just in case.

Next time you go to visit, take it home with you and offer it to someone who’s really interested. Meanwhile, let him know this is going to happen, and it might get him motivated to learn to ride it before you get there.

Your post reminded me of the two loaner unicycles I currently have out in the field, with kids of coworkers. If their riders aren’t using them, it’s either time for another coaching session or to collect them back. One of those unicycles used to belong to my neice, who did learn to ride years ago but then lost interest. The other was part of my so-called collection; a Univega (Miyata with slightly different seat cover) from eBay.

We also repossessed a nephew’s unicycle that we’d bought for him. In his case, he had moved out of state and left it behind.

Your situation might be different; if you specifically bought it for him and it belongs to him. In that case, ask if he wouldn’t mind you collecting it on your next visit, to share with people who want to learn to ride…


I bought SIX unicycles…one for each of my personalities! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am seriously considering it. Since im 17 and have a job that pays very well for my age i am thinking of buying my friend a KH20. He has the determination to learn but his dad will never help him out and it would be great to have a riding buddy.

Ever bought uni for some one else.

I have, in fact many. For my husband and fellow rider bungeejoe.
5ft giraffe, the latest was for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was a 36 KH Guni. He loves it.


Show him a street video!

Yep, for my ex fiancee. She put good effort into learning but did not get past the 1 to 2 revolution and fall phase. But when we broke up she asked to keep it. Next time I talked to her months later I asked and she said she had gotten on it a couple of times.

Gift Ideas

I usually buy people violins. They are more expensive and harder to learn.

same here. <true story btw>

i was trying to teach my ex fiance to ride… but after she got to the level of 1-2 revo’s she quit saying that it;s no use because she will neve be as good as me<at that time i was barely able to ride about 200m so we all know that it was bullshit>

but we bought her an electric violin. now she has a cool looking instrument used for dust gathering ^^

A Lucky Nephew

I think it is a rare and generous person that gives freely. When you gave the unicycle I am sure the nephew felt a huge delta to the bottom line of his self esteem. Everyone wants to feel like part of the tribe and the unicycle is far more than a “feather in his cap”. A Torker DX is a very nice machine but having your attention and your approval is a huge boost. The dude Facebooked it and I believe essentially it was a way of restating that "I am somebody special, I matter! It is a beautiful and selfless gift and you can never quantify the result.

You are frustrated probably because it is (up to this point) a gift “unopened” so to speak. The real gift is learning to ride, surmounting the challenge. Happiness is a byproduct of accomplishment and you placed potentially an even larger gift than he is aware of into his hands. Now you must let go. It is a great thing you have done. Have no regrets.

I was lying. Be glad that the electric violin gathered dust and you didn’t have to listen to it :smiley:

I have given countless gifts though that have gone unused. Guitars top the list. Also printers, games, bikes, books, clothes…That’s life.

In her last practice session (2 weeks ago) my wife reached the stage of riding fairly solidly on the unicycle that I bought her for Christmas in 2007 - as long as she doesn’t let go of my hand:
(sorry, I don’t have a link to share the photo with people not logged into Facebook, and as it’s not my photo I’m not going to copy and paste it here).

She loved the feeling and is now really determined to learn to ride solo.

We’re taking the kids to the park with their bikes later on. For her Mother’s Day treat we’re taking unicycles as well, so that she can get some more practice in.