Ever been uni-catfished (or uni-Te’o-ed)?

On Sunday, I drove two hours to meet up with Paxuni and Jimmy the Chimp, and I was relieved to discover that they’re actual human beings. And alive! Riding with dead unicyclists would have been a bit of a bummer. I initially met them through this site and subsequent emails; it was my first Internet hookup (please don’t tell my wife). Anybody ever been bamboozled, uni-style, online? Please don’t be shy with the embarrassing details.

Hello Kram. This is a funny thread! Thanks for starting it.

No, I haven’t ever been unicycle catfished, or juggling catfished or top spinning catfished. These are all the people I have met on-line. But I am interested in hearing what others have to say about this.

Nice thread starter!! No I don’t have any stories to share.

Sorry I missed the hookup. Maybe next time.

You just didn’t want to reveal to him that you’re actually a highly advanced unicycling machine :wink:

@Kram, Great riding with you yesterday. We were pushing quite hard to keep up with you on those hills.

I met @nurceben and a few other riders on line :smiley:

and were they real?:stuck_out_tongue:

Nope :frowning: I hate when they are not real!

My first ever meetup was a success. Honestly, there is not a high concentration of riders in Philadelphia, or atleast it doesn’t seem like it since I am basing it on what I see with my own two eyes. However, when I met up with @Davey, I felt like I was in a day dream. I couldn’t believe I was seeing another guy riding a mountain unicycle!


No bad hook up stories in the unicycle world. For the most part eveyone is pretty close to what I expected based on what they post, some pretty fun folks out there riding them one wheeled contraptions.

Outside of general support and comraderie of the Unicyclist forum, I feel like the best part of the forum is hooking up with other riders. I started putting on muni gatherings in order to meet more riders :smiley:

For anyone reading this thread, seriously, I know there a bunch of you out there who have never ridden with another unicyclist, I’ve met a few of you and changed that situation :smiley:

Riding unicycles with someone else is a magical experience, I strongly recommend it!

That’s because you aren’t real :wink:

Upon meeting Paxuni and Jimmy the Chimp, I was shocked – so shocked, I dropped my coffee mug, which shattered three times, in slow motion, from three different angles – to learn that those weren’t their Christian names.

One thing about unicyclist is they are all nice

I had to get the ale wench to tell me what ‘catfishing’ was as she walked by.

Can’t believe someone would do that. Isn’t Flat Gild the original catfish?

I was thinking of legally changing my first name to paxuni (lower case “p”) as it has become part of my identity. Me and MAW used our online names in real life. My Mum would be ticked however if I wasn’t a ‘Stephen’.

It was real nice to meet you ‘Kram’. I had a great time in the woods with you- shhhh… don’t tell Mrs pax. I look forward to our next play date.

I agree with knox that unicyclists are all nice- at least all the ones I’ve met from online hookups.

‘Unifishing’ should become an urban term for a positive use of aliases in online dating.


You could change your middle name to paxuni.

Heck, just add a name to your full name! Haha!

I tried to meet up with the guy that guy that post’s all the spam threads about watching free movie’s online, but he stood me up.

you would :stuck_out_tongue:
I am meeting a guy from craigslist :stuck_out_tongue: