ever been done?

hey, i was just wodering if any of you crazy people out there have done any of these tricks or herd of anyone doing these tricks:

90 uni spin to tire off a picnic table
360 body variel
540 of any kind
backwards wheelwalk with one foot behind the frame, one foot in front
1 rev crank flip while doing a 360 uni spin
backwards wheelwalk seat out in front
backwards glide
1 footed piroette
no foot on frame coast
720 uni spin
grind forwards then do a 180 into a backwards grind
wheel walked down stairs
glided down stairs


Hey man,

You’ve got some weird ideas. haha. As for the 90 to the tire off a picnic table, hmmm, probably wouldn’t be too hard, but it could easily wreck the rim, or anything. lol.

360 body variel - nothing I know of
540 of any kind - hmm, unispin, a lot, hoptwist, couple people.
backwards wheelwalk with one foot behind the frame, one foot in front - koosh koosh. Not too difficult
1 rev crank flip while doing a 360 uni spin - yep
backwards wheelwalk seat out in front - probably, lol, i don’t know though
backwards glide - Yep, not sure how long they went though.
1 footed piroette - not sure
no foot on frame coast - yep
720 uni spin - yep
grind forwards then do a 180 into a backwards grind - nope,
wheel walked down stairs - hahah, nope not that i know of
glided down stairs - hahah, why? but yeah, i don’t know of anyone.

there’s a clip of someone, Ryan Woessner I think, doing seat in front backwards wheelwalking, in the Defect trailer.

Watch defect. That eliminates about half of your list.


should be easy…

what’s a variel?

there is a 540 unispin on unicyclist.org

it’s on unicyclist.org

Haven’t seen it yet

Julien Monney does this in the Freestyle version K1-Roadtrip clip (http://vids.koxx.fr/koxxone/Free-Style_road-trip/FREE-STYLE_K1_Road_Trip_2005_35Mo.wmv)

… the K1 Freestyle video :slight_smile:

there are several japanese guys who have done this during the freestyle competition at unicon XII

if both feet on the saddle is ok with you, Julien Monney :slight_smile: (http://www.monocycle.ch)

Shaun Johanneson (unicyclist.org)

Again Julien Monney in the K1 Freestyle clip

Rocco Schulz (ich-bin-einradfahrer.de) //edit: seems the video is gone

not that I know of…


Yes i know one who did this…

Misread that one as coasting… haven’t seen the grinding thing.

He did it at unicon12 freestyle expert finals to!
Seat in front backwards wheelwalk
Seat in back wheelwalk/one footed wheelwalk…
Seat on side wheelwalk
Ryan Woessner at unicon 12, freestyle expert finals! 9.6 MB

Quite cooky if you ask me, much more impressive to do it in front of an audience at a final at unicon than in front of a camera… a camera allows as many retakes as you want! :slight_smile:

Ryan Woessner


to me he looks like much younger in defect as at the unicon… anybody knows how old he is?

I know that everything on the list has been done, by several people, except for the gliding downstairs. But someone could have done that too.

i know in some koxx vid yoggi did a stand up wheel walk/hop form that position down some stairs. it was crazy.

dude i know ryan hes in the twin cites uni club

There is a picture of Sem trying that on John Foss’ Things Not To Do page. That would be possible with a customized saddle. It would have to be a deep saddle with a short back rest so you could get leverage and some control of the unicycle. Or possibly you could pinch your legs together like you do when jumping hands free (like when jumping rope). Instead of doing it starfish style like Sem tried you’d squeeze your thighs together to grip the seat and keep your feet away from the tire and pedals.

Julien’s standing on the seat coast has already been mentioned. That required a custom saddle too.

Re: ever been done?

On Sun, 23 Oct 2005 11:17:26 -0500, lancerfan119 wrote:

>wheel walked down stairs

One-footed by Ardjan, see bottom pic in

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Well I know that coasting down stairs has been attempted and at least almost done successfully. There was a video a couple of years ago of Trevor doing it.