Ever asked to be filmed??

I was asked by some moron guys if they could fim my riding…I was riding down Wilson ranch and workin on my coasting, then a car came down and i hopped off hte road and over a bush, then they stop and yell, hey can we film you !? So I tlaked with them for a lil hwile let them film so tricks like kikc ups hop on wheel unispins gliding etc. tehn they tried it, one guy made it like 10 ft, and the other couldnt even get on. I was just postin this cause i found it very funny.

I haven’t been asked to get filmed ever…but lots of times i’ve noticed people around me filming me as I ride, a couple of times when I’ve been alone. But when I was in riding in Wellington especially for x-air.

i was asked once to be filmed by some crazy hippy whilst i was on holiday in brighton. whilst filming, this very weird person was saying into the camera “wow man . . . the things you see in brighton, man! groovy!”

Some people pulled off the highway to take my picture. That always happens. But nobodys ever asked to film me.

I was riding with the crowd of walkers at a recent big-name walk-a-thon. Some guy pulled up in a car and got out with a big, commercial style video camera. He yelled, “hey unicycle guy, can you go back and ride this way again?”

I dismounted and walked back through the crowd, did my best under-pressure simple freemount and road past the camera guy. (The crowd cheered wildly.) I got just past the guy then looked back at him. He was pointing the camera in another direction so he may have filmed me for about 5 seconds.

Oh well, I may end up on a promotional video for next year’s walk-a-thon.

Yup. I was doing a 1 meter drop in a skatepark, which apparently impressed a guy filming for a skate film. He asked if i could do it again for his film, so i did.


Stranged that this topic was posted 2 days after I was filmed by some lady in a car. Personally, I don’t mind people photo/filming while I uni. I think it just promotes or makes people aware of unicycling(not just for as clowns and jugglers).
On the flip side, the day after the filming, I was riding with the traffic during Memorial weekend and some jerk toss a water balloon at me while driving up behind me. Luckily, I was on my Coker criss-crossing so the idiot missed. :smiley:
Has anyone else had people tossing things at you while riding?

Re: filmed

ha. nope. nothing besides verbal abuse.

Our group was at Gasworks park doing trials and one of the skateboarders asked to film us. Fortunately, Sabin was there so the guy actually had something to film.

I have seen cellphones come out of car windows many times as I ride my Coker. I was asked once by a group of girls stopped in a car at a traffic signal if they could photograph me on the Coker.

I always think it is funny when people feel they have to ask if they can film or photograph me.
And of course I always respond with “You will have to set it up with my agent”.

A kid in my neighborhood asked me if I could take my unicycle of any jumps. When I said yes, he went and got a skateboard jump and a camera. He didn’t ask if he could fim me, but he did anyway. This was when I hade first learnt to rid an uni, so all he got was me racking myself a few times. It was funny watching it over again, though.

Yeah its funny, people flip when they see unicyclists. I get camera flashes all the tiem and lookin around for where it came from, My friend and I were in hte news paper cause we were in a parade. Its pretty funny, I like hte cell phone cameras tht always get ya

my friend and I were riding in the park a couple weeks ago, and some people came in with a ton of camera equipment. one guy set it up, and two others started doing stuff while being filmed… clearly they were very amateur and kind of just making up what to film. but anyway. they noticed us, and asked if we could be in their movie. after talking to them we found out they were from Troy, no not that Troy, this one’s a city about ten miles away from Moscow. And this movie was for their senior project. So they filmed us unicycling, and juggling three biscuits we just got from the free bin at the co-op. it was pretty sweet…

flying oranges

A friend of mine was out riding his coker, and had an orange thrown at him from some bushes

A few weeks ago I was camping at an Ohio state park with my family. On one of my coker rides, a car passed me, then pulled over and jumped out with a big camera and a guy holding a boom mike. I rode past them and then they asked me to stop for an interview.

That same weekend there was a Sasquatch (big foot) conference at the state park. They assumed that I must be one of the big foot believers. They intervieweed about sasquatch, if I was a “believer” and then a little about the coker and my riding gloves, saddle and cyclocomputer. I had to sign a release form for them. They were making a documentary on sasquatch or the conference or something like that.

The question is, what’s the chance of my footage getting in the film, especially since I didn’t have an opinion for or against the existence of big foot.

It’s always fun to get a little attention.

One other event, just a few days ago. Again on my coker… a VW beetle, red, convertible passed me with a blond in it. She passed me waving like she was my best friend. Have no idea who she was.


Re: flying oranges

You’d think that George and Laura would have better things to do. :smiley:

Re: filmed

On the west side highway bike path, I always see people suddenly pointing their cameras (both still and moving) in my direction as I ride by. As I get better (and faster) I am relieved that their chances to corner me and ask for a pose become less and less.
My nightmare scenereo would be some guy with a digital movie camera stopping me, asking me to ride, and then all he gets is myself trying for about 30 times to freemount, totally failing. (I always freemount well when no one is looking, but it all just goes to Hell in a crap basket whenever anyone watches)

Again, I was on the west side highway bikepath–a truck rolls by, and some big burly guy with a moustache pokes his head out and screams furiously at me “I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!”

Not as bad as a waterballoon, but I can’t help but wonder why a guy like that would get so pissed off at a unicyclist on a bike path. He looked really angry. His face was all red and contorted as he screamed at the top of his lungs this utterly pointless threat at me. It’s not like I cut him off or anything–the bike path runs parrellel to this highway. He must have seen me from behind, and I guess my balancing form on the unicycle really ticked him off. Really got his goat. By the time his vehicle was passing me, he expolded (he was not actually driving, he was sitting in the passanger seat) with loud, thunderous venum. God knows why. Maybe he used to get beaten up a lot as a kid by a rough gang of unicycle thugs or something.
Sorry, I went a bit off topic…

Re: Re: filmed

Yea, but they are just fans of the world famous artist, musician and author Dogbowl. They probably didn’t even notice the uni.

Last fall I was riding past a frat house with a party on the roof and someone chucked a beer bottle at me screaming “Hey, a unicyclist.”

And once I was riding down the shoulder of a busy highway with cars passing one after another at about 40mph eating Cheez-its. Right as I stick a bunch of cheez-its in my mouth I see a flash from a passing car.

Eating, reading news paper and doing other 2 handed activities are always fun while commuting on a uni.

Re: Re: Re: filmed

LOL! :smiley:
In that case, I deserved a water balloon! Or better yet, tomatoes thrown at high speed!