Events category?

I can’t remember whether this was discussed before, but is there a reason why there’s no category for unicycling events?

I imagine this with a location and a map like #trading-post has.

I think that’s a good idea and that it should be combined with clubs and groups. Knowing if there are other riders in your area would help grow the sport.

I’d like to be able to set up this feature! It was discussed here:

Currently, the main unicycle events calendar (as far as I know) is Open Unicycle Calendar | Teamup and it’s reachable via this forum’s icon: image

@makym, the rider who’s in charge of this calendar, also replied in the discussion I’ve linked.

The key points are: he would be okay to have the calendar somewhat migrated on the forum, but certain features need to be kept.

There are events/calendar plugins for the forum software, but they lack some of the wanted features and I don’t have the technical skills to add them.

So, I can’t do much know, but I’ll let you know if something changes and I’m of course open to any idea. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry!
I did do a search but obviously I should have tried harder!

Feel free to merge this into that.

I think my current thoughts on the matter are that it’d be nice to have a place to discuss events, even if it wasn’t linked to a calendar, but the functionality that the plug-in linked has would suffice for most things.

I’ve basically accepted over the years that not everyone on all platforms is necessarily going to see all events, because it’s they platforms are never all going to work together, and it’s very difficult for event hosts to update everywhere.
As the largest resource for unicycling stuff on the internet though, this forum used to have a place to discuss events, and now it doesn’t seem to. All of the old event discussion is seemingly in the general unsorted category.

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People could also link to an event in the Open Unicycle Calendar within the discussion about it on the forum, and equally link to the discussion here in the calendar.