Event Report - UK Unicycle Pirate Canal Pub Crawl

Unicycle Pirate Canal Pub Crawl

Yesterday was the annual Unicycle Pirate Canal Pub Crawl here in the UK.
Arrrrrguably the best event of the year - and probably the most British.

^ The motley crew at the start (minus those who joined us later)

This year was the usual route of Leighton Buzzard to Berkhamsted along the Grand Union canal, with pubs seemingly surprisingly unaffected by COVID (somewhat to the annoyance of us who had stocked up on tinnies before we set off) aside from some slightly unusual ordering setups for some of them.

We did pass on drinking at one pub due to our slow progress and the busyness of their establishment, and were turned away from the Rising Sun (meant to be the final pub of the day) - partially no doubt because they were a little short on space with COVID restrictions, but also partly because we were a group of >20 rowdy unicyclists carrying a bottle of rum and various tinnies, dressed like pirates looking (and probably smelling) rather worse for wear after 17 very hot miles.

There was an unprecedented demand for support services this year with two replacement unicycles being brought along for; a 19" that was just a little too slow, and a 24" that (no doubt due to the heat) had decided that its tyre was no longer small enough to stay on the rim.

Other highlights of mechanical failure included an inevitable puncture (on a bicycle - it’s always the bicycles!), and one saddle that snapped completely in half, thankfully only a relatively short distance from our finish point.

Despite all of this, the clues were all found (eventually - fuelled by beer we forgot what we were looking for and rode past quite a few), leading us to the buried treasure consisting of a bottle of very drinkable (in a COVID-safe pour-into-mouths manner) rum and a selection of roasted peanuts - expertly hidden away from prying eyes in the event’s now traditional locked pirate chest.

At the end of the day the event gained an impromptu convention vibe as we chilled out in a local park juggling, chewin’ the fat, drinking tinnies, and shredding the local skatepark well past sunset.

We said our goodbyes to those who were heading off home or to hotels, with the remainder of the crew heading back to the campsite to collapse into our tents after an excellent day.

Cheers @Eddbmxdude and family for all of the work they put into organising it. I for one will definitely be back again next year.

[Hopefully others can add photos because I didn’t really take any]


Damn that sounds like a good time! Would love to see some photos

It seems I did actually get a few photos on my potato of a phone camera:

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I’ve just signed up to the forum here after jointing the ride yesterday. Here are some of my photos.


Apologies for the sideways pictures!

Hell yea! I see mostly 26-29”. I guess when rum is involved you leave the 36’er at home :laughing:

So jealous, wish I was there. Looks like a blast.

Yeah we had from 19" to 29" initially, but the 19" was quickly swapped out for a 24".

As with in other riding, wheel sizes have got slowly larger over the years - 24" used to be more common.

32" or 36" would be a perfectly OK size for the route even with a little rum if you were doing it alone, but in such a large group riding slowly it’d be tricky. @rogeratunicycledotcom did join us for the second part of the ride on his UDC Penny Farthing though!

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More photos posted on the UK Unicycle Chat group:

Did some editing of the group photo


Looks like a great day was had :grinning:

If there’s another one happening next year I’d like to join in if possible? I’m about an hour and half away from my there.

It’ll surely be happening again next year and everyone’s always invited!

I thought it had been posted up on here beforehand but it seems that it was only advertised on Facebook this year.

If you’re on Facebook, keep an eye on the UK Unicycle Chat group as that’s where most stuff like this generally ends up.

That’s great there will be another one next year as I’d love to attend, I’m not on Facebook so I will have to either bite the bullet or find other ways to keep informed.

I’ll post about it on here before the next one if I remember!

I had my 36 in the car, but ride the 29 as that was closer to what everyone else had.

There were a few places one had to duck/dismount due to overhanging vegetation- that would have been more of an issue sitting up higher on a bigger wheel.

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if you could post some details up next time that would be great thanks