Evening Street Session

Just some stuff from tonight in my grandparents driveway.

Really good stuff! Awesome no footer tire grab! Also what part of Ohio looks like somthing ive seen. What name? Town? Have you been to Lehmans hardware? Also really good quality!

And nice Blue Nimbus frame! Adds lots of stlye to your uni! Look great!

Keep it up!


Cool, your are getting really consistant

i liked the no footed tire grab.
ive got the same editing program as you.

They live in a small town called Sunbury a bit north of Columbus.

edit: thanks for the comments! 2 posts while I was responding to Isaac’s :slight_smile:

edit 2: Manon1wheel, how do you know? I use Cyberlink Power Director

much better on the sex change, like the bigspin to, i just got those myself:D

im gonna pm u bout somethin prolly 2morrow so be on the lookout aight?

good vid tho

ok thanks:)

Good video. I use CyberLink PowerDirector too.
The crankflip to tyre looked really good.

Nice vid:)

Why the knew rounded crown frame? How do you like it? Is it much lighter than your Qu-Ax?

Umm… I guess cause it was 10 dollars :thinking: :D. It is a bit lighter the the qu-ax frame the only problem is it came with a quick release clamp that comes loose real easy and my double bolt clamp is striped.