Evening ride London UK

As its school exam season the Lunis have been temporarily kicked out of our sports hall, a few of us are going to meet on the South Bank tomorrow (Thursday 16th June) for a bit of trials/street riding and messing about on unicycles.

We’re meeting on the South Bank at the Hungerford Bridge (near the London eye) at 6:30pm.

There’s no fixed plan, it depends on who turns up. It’s likely we’ll head down the South Bank until Antoine finds something to hop off and if we get bored with that we’ll head up to one of the parks and eventually end up in a pub.

Anyone is welcome to join us, we’ve got a wide range of ability, most of us can’t hop for toffee. Any size of uni will be fine, we’re going to be on mostly hard surfaces. Come along and enjoy the sunshine, and the adoration of a thousand tourists… :roll_eyes:


PS. If you are coming along late give me a call (07976 732723) and I’ll let you know where we are.