Evening/Morning - NZ street and trials

Hey guys

This is my first film in quite some time. It was aimed at a non-unicycling audience so I tried to keep it smooth and simple.

Let me know what you think,

I enjoyed it a lot. Nice lines with lots of flow. Keep it up.

Awesome video, even tho tricks wasn´t the hardest in the world I enjoyed it ALOT. Very flowy lines, nice style and you made me lol hard at the last bail xD
Inspired me to go out ride :slight_smile:

Sweet. Nice to see canterbury uni. I haven’t ridden in ages but we still need to ride sometime.

Wow, nice flow, nice filming, nice camera quality. This is a great video!

Cool, I enjoyed it too. I like when people make chill videos, gives a more fun vibe.
I liked the part with the zig zag wood skinnies and the fall on the rock (and bridge) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much guys; glad you enjoyed it. I kept the lines simple so that non-unicyclists would be able to appreciate them, and realised that I have so much more fun doing non-techy street. I tried to be a bit more creative with filming and editing too so that’s cool that you liked it.

And yeah, we definitely need to ride Alex. I’m always pretty busy during the week though. Maybe a weekend some time?


Great :smiley: Awsome video, bail off the bridge railing was very funny.

Sweet dude. The smooth street stuff was niiiiice :slight_smile:

Really well done! Your camera guy has a good eye.
At 0:30 I was thinking it would be cool if you could gap to the other rail on that bridge. The ending was a great though.
0:52 I love that zig zag and was thinking you should do the gap, and you did, nailing it!
1:15 neat filming of the camera reflection
1:24 school of law… lol
great riding throughout. The first half was better editted than the 2nd, but the ending was nice with sunset and the fall, which is one of the best ever.

Such an awesome video Matt :slight_smile: everyone has mentioned most things already but thought i would also mention the full out spin :slight_smile: and the inwards small on the angled path was also really nice. a great feel to the whole thing. very inspiring.

i love this band.

I got excited when i saw the title.

the cinematography was excellent. and the riding was good.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, had heaps of fun making it so glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for being so specific; it’s interesting seeing which parts unicyclists like compared to non-riders.
A lot of the filming ended up just being on a tripod but my mates had some really cool ideas for shots.
Doing that bridge gap would be awesome… Maybe one day.
Haha I’m an engineer so I was poking a bit of fun at the lawyers.
I spent a bit of time on the editing for the introduction but I wanted to keep it simple for most of the film so as not to detract from the riding.
Thanks for your feedback

Cheers Sam. I had to chuck a couple of tricks in there to keep you guys happy.

They’re great eh. I’ve been pretty into them since seeing Danny MacAskill’s film.

Thanks Luke, means a lot.

Cheers guys

just watched again :slight_smile: such great editing and filming too… is that josh bate’s pink uni after you jump off the ledge? looks nice :slight_smile:

Somehow your riding style reminded me of myself as a child. It made me happy and you’re really clean. NZ-style.

Great video man. I really enjoyed the flow of the whole video and really like all the rolling hops. Very nice 270’s and 180’s on pogo they looked smooth. Keep up the good work.

Almost forgot about this thread haha. Cheers man; glad you still like it. Yeah that’s Josh’s uni. Sexy as.

I take it you were a very unco-ordinated child then? Haha glad you liked it :slight_smile: NZ is where it’s at.


sweet vid man, just clean, smooth riding :slight_smile: