Even Tougher UK Race - Who's in?

I’ve been invited to enter another monster of an event,
the MTB Transwales 2006 (http://www.mtbtransuk.co.uk/)

6 days, around 500km; longest stages up to 95km
Anyone up for making up a pair?

Unicycle entry should be no problem, though I’ll be checking in the next few days with the race sponsor.

Entry fee says £400 each including all camping, transport, lots of free stuff (allegedly) and food etc for the week.

I will be working hard on getting a substantial discount!

Form an orderly queue, and no pushing at the back…

I really want to get into distance riding, I am gonna get a coker sometime so hopefully i wil be able to join you in the not so distant future…


P.S if i didnt make it clear i cannot attend…

Cor blimey. John mentioned that last year; it sounds an utterly hardcore event on a bike, let alone a unicycle.

<cop out>Maybe next year…</cop out>


Looks fantastic. I’m in.

It’s 7 days not 6 by the way.

By the way, you didn’t mention in your post that when you say stages up to 95km, this is 95km of mainly off road, none of this wussy on road linking stages here. Some of the stages are round the welsh trail centres (Coed y Brenin, Nant yr Arian etc.), which won’t make it that much easier either.

I’m thinking riding either a 26/29er with 125mm cranks + a brake, or the Schlumpf if it’s mended by then would make sense, with a more xc tyre than usual, as we’ll need some spinning speed, but to still be able to ride the bits at the welsh trail centres.


Oooh, this looks like fun. 12 - 20 August, so something to wind down after Unicon with… Maybe.

Deeply tempting, though the price tag seems pretty exhorbitant. I suppose that includes things like transporting camping stuff etc. Carrying equipment for a week of offroad racing would be real hardcore.

Unlike certain other silly offroad endurence things, I guess, being August, and including sleep, this would include only limited night riding.

Don’t know if I’m actually available, with potential employment/being in eastern Europe… but would certainly consider it.

Phil, you seem to have managed to cop out of this one without so much as a creative excuse. Next year you’ll only be older and closer to middle-aged-decrepitude (apologies to the more mature amongst us)! :slight_smile:


P.S. Is someone about to advertise SSMM ‘Redbull’ 24h soon? I seem to remember it comes up this time of year. Now there’s something more sensible.

That’ll do for my excuse then :smiley: Although I don’t think I’m quite middle aged yet…

BTW Joe, I didn’t do the Salisbury Plain race in the end - crashed my bike and my knee is taking ages to recover :frowning: Looks like it’s going to be OK though… I was a bit worried for a few weeks.


Ouch. I had a month off after hitting my knee last year. Not a good thing to happen, but it’s fine now. Once you get better, there are some other races near you if you have an urge to do some racing this spring.



Thanks for the link Joe. A friend of mine entered that Newnham race on a bike while I was a student in Plymouth. I was going to do it with him (yak yak) but I didn’t have a helmet at the time (I was hard then :p) and they wouldn’t let me race without one (fair enough really). He started near the back of the field and was pretty much sat still for 20 minutes while everybody went through a very narrow bit at the start, then things spread out nicely.

My knee got twisted when I hit some ice on the road bike going to work - went down on my side and the bike bounced and flipped over; so did my foot in the SPD until it released :roll_eyes: My knee was quite painful for a month or so even pressing the clutch pedal in the car, and I was starting to think I’d done something bad but it seems to be much better now as long as I don’t sprint the hills too fast on the bike (seems OK on the unicycle though, because of the low gear I suppose). My head hit the road pretty hard as well, but the helmet saved me from anything worse than a stiff neck (cracked the helmet though).

Anyway, getting off topic… see you in May if not before :slight_smile:


<stands up>

Hi, I’m Phil, and I am a big girl’s blouse.

This event does indeed look great fun and I would very much like to do it at some point, but it’ll be in a more conventional manner on a two-wheeled contraption rather than one.

Unicycles are great at events like SSMM, where the field ranges from super-serious riders to people drinking beer while riding a lap, to show it can be done and to add a bit of variety to an otherwise run-of-the-mill field but I feel there is a point where the fun and novelty aspect is overshadowed by the fact that events like this just aren’t designed for unicycles. I can see a unicyclist riding at this event being alone all day after the bikes have zoomed off into the distance with their fancy-pants gears, and getting back to base hours after everyone else having missed much of the off-the-trail social side of the event.

Hey look! Loads of people with flaming torches! I wonder what they’re doing here…


Fair point. The TransWales is a team event, so you should never be entirely alone! Certainly for me, the off trail social side will consist of sleeping and whingeing about the pain. Ultimately I look to any event as merely a framework around me competing against myself, (although not coming last is a must.) I’d expect to be in the rearward 10% of the field, but not at the back all the time.

That is one of the funniest things I have read in a while.

You can </stands up> sit down now Phil.

He’s busy running from the mob with torches.

I thought this when I first looked at it. I’m very much against people doing events on unicycles when they’re not prepared for it and are just going to get in the way. To be honest, I think some of the people entering Red Bull on unicycles maybe shouldn’t have been there, as it looks bad if unicycles enter events and then are poor riders and get in the way.

I had a look at the results for another similar race though, the Transrockies, and the worst bike teams took almost 5 times as long as the front bike teams. If it’s anything like that, we’re in for a good chance at that not-last position. We weren’t that slow at Strathpuffer, even with insane unrideable on a unicycle mud slowing us down for a large section of the course.

I don’t think we’ll be completely alone during the riding. Especially considering there’ll probably be people entered who are riding it as a tour, as opposed to racing, they explicitly say that it’s fine to enter just to finish. There are also some looped sections you can skip and just chill out on the campsite, or ride nice and slow if you’re not going for the points, in case we’re really having trouble at any point.


Then he can at least have the decency to <running from the mob with torches> say so </running from the mob with torches>.

<runs from the mob with torches>

<grabs fire extinguisher>

Heh heh heh…


<stands dripping, holding a spluttering ember of a torch, having been drenched by bucket-loads of stark realism and common sense>

Maybe this actually is a little less appealing than it seemed at first sight.

I’d rather stick to the kinds of unicycle-based recreation that doesn’t involve getting overly wet, muddy, cold, alone, tired, lost, injured or slightly grumpy.

Better start looking for a good indoor tyre and pair of slippers…

</stands dripping>

Is there not a single inhabitant of your United Kingdom who does not have at least a black belt in sarcasm?

Nope; they were all rounded up and put on a boat back in 1492. I can’t quite remember where they went…


I can’t decide if I want to sound like a toff and say ‘touche’ or sound like an AOL kiddie and say pwnd.