Even rasher

The Bacon Slicer (700c x 23 mm) is as mad as a box of frogs, and today I’ve added more frogs: at the suggestion of Rogeratunicycledotcom himself, I have put some 80mm cranks on.

For the first time in my career, I have a uni with cranks less than half as long as the cranks on another one of my unis. (165s on the KH24.)

First impressions… a quick blast up and down the path outside my house, in the dark and in the rain… mounting took immense concentration but I managed it second time… smoooooooth progress… perilous deceleration… oooer. More follows. :astonished: :smiley: :sunglasses:

Something tells me this will all end in tears.
Good luck Mike.


Will you be taking it out to session some gnarly stuff?

Mike, you’re bonkers!

It sounds really cool… kinda like a specialised racing uni. Presumably pretty demanding to ride but sounds like it could very very entertaining!

Let us know what it’s like, how fast you can go, etc!

it sounds like the ultimate muni now! ha
is it hard to turn at high speeds?

How is a 700c wheel with a 23c tire and 80mm cranks anything close to a Muni??

Care to shed some light on the subject?

Anyways that thing is gonna be a twitchy little bugger aint it. Well i look forward to your first write up about the hyperdiven Bacon Slicer;)

To the max, dude. :sunglasses:

Any more and it’ll turn into a croaker.


Its frog-heritage came to the fore today. More follows when time permits.

And, of course, when I’ve stopped laughing.

Ooooooh, Mike, how do the 80mm cranks ride? I’m getting some today for my coker, I’m so going to looove it! You going to Unicon btw? And why a 29er and not one of the big wheeled machines?

80mm cranks are silly but fun, and encourage cruising at a high speed. They are very smooth.

On the other hand, they impose long stopping distances, are a liability on any but the gentlest slope, and make tight corners and rough ground much more challenging.

My background: many many 15 - 30 mile rides on a 28 or a Coker, and a few longer rides up to about 55 miles. I’ve been riding “seriously” for about 5 years, and less seriously for about 19 years. I have a 20, 24, 26, 28 and Coker, and have experimented with cranks from 80 mm to 170 mm - although not all possible combinations of wheel/crank. I’m used to riding for miles at a time without a UPD on varied but not extreme terrain. I’m a reasonably fit 43 year old, and only weigh about 11 stone/155 pounds - which affects control of short cranks on large wheels.

Against that background, I find no benefit in ultra short cranks, other than the silliness factor. It might be different on the Coker. I prefer to ride my Coker on 150s, and be able to cope with all terrain, rather than putting shorter cranks on and being limited in where I can go.