Even more trouble with my custom unicycle...

I’m still having heaps of trouble with wide rims from Australian distributors. I’ve put so much effort into this whole custom unicycle and it’s so difficult to get what I want. Tomorrow I’ll find out for sure about the Sun and Alex rims. I think next time I get anything like this I’ll go through unicycle.com and just put up with the shipping cost.

Today the Intense 26" x 2.7" tyres arrived. It may be a bit hard to fit these tyres on a 24" rim though! We specifically asked for 24" x 2.7" tyres and they sent the wrong ones. I thought that finally I would have at least one part of the unicycle to sit and stare at until the rest arrives, but no. I’ve ordered the Miyata saddle and it’ll be here in 6 days, but knowing my luck it’ll turn up next year some time. The Profile hub and cranks will be here next wednesday because they didn’t make this week’s shipment, I’ve got to wait for the rim before I get the spokes, I’ll have to order a 24" x 2.7" tube (I’m assuming) because all the shop has is a 24" x 1.75" one, after all this I don’t have enough money left over for good pedals so I’ll have to wait for them and stick with my current ones for now, and finally to add to all this…I have to change frame builders because I can’t get a hold of the one I was planning to use.

This just isn’t fair!!!

Andrew Carter

Hi Andrew
I built a custom Muni early this year after planning it for half a year
Trying to get parts was a hassle. I had an axle machined and then mated to an alloy hub. My frame was built by a frame-builder in Wollongong south of Sydney. I think of it as a diamond shape.
You can see a photo of me resting on it in the results of last years Polaris Challenge at
He’s also done a couple of other frames for friends. If you want I can give you his details and you can chat to him.


Thanks a lot. I’d really appreciate those details of the frame builder. There’s one that I’ll most likely use who the owner of the bike shop has talked to, but the guy you used would be handy as a backup. Maybe I’ll get a quote from him.

Is this the photo you were referring to? I’m not sure because you’re not resting on it. Congratulations on the photo and your participation in the Polaris challenge. Were there any other unicyclists doing it?


It’d probably help if I actually attached the photo wouldn’t it? Is that a 24" wheel? If so it’s great to know that a 24" wheel is appropriate for long distance MUni. Well done!


try a duro

I ride with two tyre sizes.

A Duro leapord 242.7 and a duro leapord 243

I got these in to perth in a week. Theyre available pretty easily and are an awesome tyre. Its the same one on my uni in the gallery. about the same price as an intense i think!

Foor for thought.



Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind if I can’t get the intense. You said you ride with two tyres. Do you actually keep swapping over these two tyres depending on the terrain or something or is one a spare? Which do you prefer for trials and muni combined?


ones a spare

I had the 2.7 a long time befor the 3.0, it was off my dh bike. I prefer the 3 inch better. but the 2.7 is good cause it weighs a bit less

Re: Even more trouble with my custom unicycle…

hate to say i told you so…

in the beginning,you said you had all the money and just needed to make a choice.after all the questions & answers you change your mind for a 24 inch,then instead of buying one of those you deside to have a custom frame made.

i understand that your trying to save money but how long do you want to wait?how much is all this waiting time,questions,phone calls to shops,and sourceing frame welders really saving you.what kind of price would you put on your frustration and anxiety?

my suggestion would be,if you still have the pile of money you did at the start of this journey then STOP NOW,ORDER SOMETHING,BE HAPPY…

P.S. please dont make a poll about:if you sould continue your quest or stop and order from uni.com.:smiley:

Here’s a link to the photos page

It’s a cool looking frame. My preference is for a flat crown so I can play with one foot skills, but the non-flat crowns have their advantages too.

Re: try a duro

otherwise known as the halo contra and ceptive tyres if you’re in the uk

Hi Andrew
There is another photo further on in the gallery which shows the frame much better. The frame-builder is Martin Wyles, phone no.
0242566872. He’s worthwhile talking to.
Mine is a 26" and also has a disc brake which isn’t very obvious in the photo. Good luck with yours.
This Sunday I’m racing in the Urban Challenge in Canberra. It’s only a 1 day event and hopefully there will be more unicyclists.

Re: Even more trouble with my custom unicycle…

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 13:13:00 -0600, JoeRowing
<JoeRowing.e2mfo@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>> A Duro leapord 242.7 and a duro leapord 243

>otherwise known as the halo contra and ceptive tyres if you’re in the uk

So is the Halo Contra equivalent to the 24*3? That’s nice to know for
this Halo Contra owner.

And I guess it should be Leopard, not leapord?

Klaas Bil

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I know, I’ve learnt my lesson. There would’ve been some advantages if I didn’t have this trouble with Australian distributors because I could’ve had exactly what I wanted. You’ve got to admit though, when this is all done it’s going to be one awsome unicycle!


Nice photos. From what you can see of the frame in he photo, Martin must be a very skilled framebuilder (thanks for his number, etc.). The only advantage with the framebuilder I’ll probably use is that the other person who’s also getting a frame built has met him before and is friendly with him. What are the advantages in a style of frame like yours? What rim did you use?


i’d like to mention that Intense does not make 24X2.7 tires, and might be the reason they miss shipped.


That’s interesting. Hopefully this means that they mistook 3" for 2.7" because I know they do make a 3". I’m just not sure that I can get it in Australia.

Thanks for the information,

Another depressing update:

I’m probably looking at having this unicycle all done just before Christmas!!! Why me? Once again, I should’ve gone through unicycle.com.


You’re right but I can’t stop now. I’ve already ordered the hub and cranks and they’ll be here next wednesday.



I gave Martin a call and he sounds like a nice guy and from the looks of your frame he seems to know what he’s doing. I’m just worried about two things. How much did it all cost to get built? And how long did it take?
Also, keeping in mind that my design is a lot more basic, how long do you think mine would take to make and how much would it cost? There’s also the fact that it’ll be busy getting close to Christmas. I really wanted to have it all done about a week before Christmas.


Re: Re: Even more trouble with my custom unicycle…

Yep - If you look closely you’ll find it embossed on the tyre :smiley:

Re: Even more trouble with my custom unicycle…

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002 12:54:47 -0600, JoeRowing
<JoeRowing.e4gen@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>> So is the Halo Contra equivalent to the 24*3? That’s nice to know

>> And I guess it should be Leopard, not leapord?

>Yep - If you look closely you’ll find it embossed on the tyre :smiley:

Was that meant to :smiley: about? I didn’t find it particularly funny as I
had truly missed it until now, but indeed under the mud is some
embossed lettering “DURO WILDLIFE LEOPARD”.

Klaas Bil

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