even more bent profiles

Hey everyone
i was riding yesterday and after rolling hop a 9 set a few times i started to notice alot more ankle rotation as i pedaled. i got off to be greeted by profiles that now look like they were put on the wrong splines (ie not opposite each other).
There is also a crack near the axle, with a corresponding fold.
Would the profile lifetime warranty apply here or do i have to snap the bastards?

2005-08-07 011.jpg

and the crack and fold…

2005-08-07 012.jpg

Since the crank has cracked I think you’ll qualify for warranty replacement. With them already cracked it would be easy to completely break them by doing a drop, even small drops would break them at this point. If they need to be completely broken to qualify for the warranty that will be easy to do.

If you got the cranks from UDC just contact UDC and they’ll handle the warranty issues and the replacement.

Wow, well done! Is the axle still intact?


warrenty, yes!

what sucks is since your in AU your going to have to pay shipping both ways most likely…

upgrade to the larger Profile “dirt jumper” cranks or just bag it and test the KH ones.

do you think that i could trade my busted 170’s for some 165’s in the warranty? or do they insist on giving you the same length.
Must get to my bike shop and sort this out before it snaps completely and then have no unicycle to ride hard:(
andrew- i have not taken the crank off since i put the whole wheel together, i suppose i should just to check that it is not all twisted. Is it true that the axle is not covered by the lifetime warranty? -heard it somewhere on these forums i think

I warrentied my bent profiles and they let me get a different size, but they would not let me upgrade to the Dirt Jumpers.

They were real easy to deal with.


Did you bend both cranks or just one?
If only one crank is damaged you’re probably only going to get that one crank replaced under warranty.

I think I remember hearing that it’s only the hub (which you’re not likely to ever have troubles with) that is not covered, and the axle is. Not sure though. Searching some old threads could tell you for sure though.


Both of mine were bent a little.


Thanks for your advice everyone. I took my unicycle to the bike shop (where i ordered all the parts initially) today to start to get this all sorted out. I’m going to be heaps busy in the next few weeks- preparing for end of school exams, so hopefully by the time its all over i will have some brand new cranks to play with. Andrew- what size cranks are you putting on your ultimate killer white muni? (i know you did have 150’s at one stage)
What are peoples opinions of 165’s?- 170’s for me seemed just a tad too long,

I already have them - 160’s. Combined with a brake (but also without, I think) they’re ideal for me. I used to ride with 145’s. I think 160 gives you ample torque but still gives you enough clearance for hitting rocks, ruts, etc.

Unfortunately the frame is about 10 weeks away.