Hi uniaddicts in Europe, I am flying to Portugal in about may 15 and then after about two weeks hitchhiking back to Latvia through EU and want to meet anyone who wants to do some unicycling. Not sure yet will I take my uni so if anyone is willing to share one for a ride would be very very nice :slight_smile: i do mostly trials but I do like to see and try any other kind of uni!

I love Portugal, esp Lisboa, great city, so much fun, I do believe it’s the Gem of the Iberian Peninsula.

Have fun, I’m jealous :slight_smile:

Im very excited and sure it will be great fun, just sad I dont think i will have my uni. anyone has ideas or experience in taking your uni on a flight?

Hi, just check this post about the best way to travel by airplane with a Unicycle!

I hope this helps!!!