European MUni trials convention

New pictures from European MUni Trials convention on Fluck’s homepage.
Hope to see you in 2007.

I wonder why no one has replied to this!

The set up there is amazing, excellent photos and a fantastic video.

People see the ‘M/T Convention Video’ link.

wood anyone?

looks like the video cuts out half way, still the 4 mins you do get is still worth it.

that looks like it took a long time to build. The video was great even though is stop half way through

That was an awsome video. I want more!

Amazing trials stuff…looks like it cost a fortune to build! And the giraffe trials was sweet.

Is that Kris Holm in the white t-shirt at the beginning? It looks like his style…

Are the results posted anywhere?

i want more video. that setup is totally nuts.

Here is another good video of that event:


That video is pretty sweet, especially the first minute or so. Some stuff I haven’t seen before…

Some stuff, at least one of the tricks on the video, had been invented during the convention