European Juggling Convention 2008 - Straight after UNICON

The EJC 2008 is in Germany from 2nd -10th of August. This overlaps slightly with UNICON but it would be awesome to combine both these events in one trip. From what I’ve heard the EJC is huuuge - this years’ was held in a giant aircraft hangar - and a really good time if you’re at all interested in juggling or unicycling. There were plenty of unicyclists at this year’s EJC, and plenty of space in which to ride.

My plan was to go straight to the EJC after UNICON. Is anyone else on these forums also going?


i would definetly be up for that if it doesn’t clash with any events were working at in the uk, would be good for the carbon footprint ha ha xx

yeh i was looking at doing this too. Would make an awesome couple of weeks.

Hi everybody,

I am responsible for organizing all unicycle related events at EJC in Karlsruhe, such as workshops, a trials parcour, city trials, a muni tour in a Bikepark in the Black Forest, hockey… There’s also a skate park at the Convention area for street riding.

Besides that EJC is always a great time to meet so many cool people, watch awesome shows, party…I can recommend it to everybody to go there right after Unicon, I will do the same :slight_smile:

I will put more information about EJC and unicycling on the forums in the near future. If you have more suggestions what should be organized for unicyclists or any questions contact me and I will see what can be done.

Hope to meet a lot of unicyclists in Karlsruhe!

I told you so!

Not only huuuuge, also the atmosphere is SOOOO GREAT.

I certainly consider to go, although things depend on how my agenda and bank-account look like by then. I would like to go by (rental) car from Denmark to Germany (or almost France).

I’m planning to go to the EJC this year, because it’s relatively close to Slovenia. Will see what I can do. Me and my friends go to Klagenfurt every year in June and the atmosphere is great there. I suppose it’s even better on the EJC

I am planning to go to ejc this year as well. Does anyone know if there will be any tutorials??? When and where is the unicon?? 26 juli-4 aug, Frederiksberg (nær København), Denmark. 2-10 aug, Karslruhe, Germany.

Also you might want to check

Whos still planning on going to both of these then? Would still really like to do it. Anyone looked at transport options?


I’m not going to both, Just the EJC for me.

See some of you there I hope.


Same as Plumsie, I’ll be at the EJC, but not at UNICON… Shame on me… :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that I will go to both events also (luckily I study close to Karlsruhe so it is no problem for me to go to both events).

more information on EJC

Hey everybody, finally I wrote down some more information on EJC 2008 in Karlsruhe Germany (August, 2nd-10th)

The European Juggling Convention is an annual meeting of jugglers and it’s the biggest of its kind. Even though it’s a European Convention there are participants from all around the world. In 2008 it will take place for the 31st time and it will return to Karlsruhe, Gemany where it has already been held once back in 2000. The organizers expect up to 3000 participants.

Although the first two days of EJC overlapp with the last two days of Unicon in Denmark especially for non-european unicyclists with the relative “near distance“ of about 950km it might be worth considering the journey. Karlsruhe ist situated in the southwest of Germany. By train the journey takes about 13 hours, by car you should be slightly faster and if you are lucky you can get a cheap flight. Near airports are Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main or Frankfurt Hahn.

There’s going to be at least one really big gym (4000m2) 24 hours a day, several circus tents and a nice huge park around. People meet at EJC to celebrate one week full of exchanging the newest tricks, for example in lots of workshops, meeting old and new friends, watching shows in the evening and party.

There will be various unicycling activities going on such as workshops (freestyle, trials, street, hockey…), a skatepark for street, a sightseeing tour on unicycle as well as a city trials tour. Also the downhill in the Bikepark Bad Wildbad, Gemanys biggest bikepark will make for a great muni ride. It’s situated in the Black Forest and is easily reachable by car or train in about 1-1,5 hours.

EJC is organized by jugglers for jugglers on a voluntary basis therefore if you want to organize something it is greatly appreciated. Give a workshop, apply for performing at one of the open stages or even the gala show (see call for performers on EJC homepage for more details)or just help out with badge control etc…

Some unicycle workshops are already planned but I’m still looking for people who want to give a workshop (any level of skill, any style of riding appreciated). To ensure a wide range of interesting workshops it would be cool if you told me in advance what kind of workshop you want to do :wink: but if you don’t know yet you can still go for it spontanously at the convention!

For more general information on EJC 2008 see the website
Attention: Preregistration closes on June 6th (prices: preregistered 95€, at the convention 120€)
If you have any unicycle related questions or suggestions contact me: hannah at albapasser dot de

Hope to meet you there!
Hannah Kreisz

I will drive with my car form Unicon to the EJC


If i got no test at the university. I will drive with my bus, directly from Danmark Kopenhagen to the EJC in Karlsruhe.

At the moment I have to wait, because the dates for the university test aren´t out now, but when I know it I can post again.

Because I find the ECJ more attractiv than the UNICON,
(Sorry but the atmosphere with 3000 Jugglers are more like 24 hour party)
I could imagine to drive one day earlier from the UNICON. Last day is only unicycle racing (short distances)…


P.S.: Hannah: I have just the unicycle hockey goals from the ECJ 2000 in my storage. The only thing missing are some (Netze). Don´t know the word in Englisch. Wenn Ihr sie braucht, sagt bescheid, vielleicht kann man ja noch Netze dazu kaufen. 200 gab es einfach keine. Geht auch aber ist nicht ganz so toll, wie ich finde.

@Arne: Robert told me about the hockey goals already. I’ll send you an Email sometime soon.