[Europe][SALE] Qu-ax 24 muni & Flansberrium 26 Fat

Hi everybody,

as Unicon 20 is getting closer, it is as good of a time as any to list some munis in France :wink:

I will split the description in following posts to keep the text & pics together. Both are extra wheel size that got back in my garage after a friend’s move and I hate to see them not receiving the love they deserve.

The main takeaway is that both prices include shipping to continental France:

  • Qu-ax 24 Muni: 270€ OBO
  • Flansberrium 26 Fat: 690€ 590€

It is used but no major damages just your run-off-the-mill signs of trails riding :wink:

Here is the break down of parts:

  • KH Fusion Zero saddle
  • Pivotal seatpost (25.4mm diameter) about ??mm long
  • Qu-ax double-bolts clamp (silver)
  • Qu-ax CrMo frame (no brake mounts)
  • Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3.0 tire (used)
  • 24x3.0 or 24x2.5 tube with schradder valve
  • Qu-ax BX-38 rim (38mm width)
  • Qu-ax red ISIS hub (48 spokes)
  • Qu-ax Alu cranks (145mm with no Q-factor)
  • M8 bolts with self-extracting ring (can provide the original set on demand)
  • Pr1mo platform pedals

Extra parts provided:

  • another Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3.0 tire (unused)
  • Kenda 24x2.6 tire (maybe a Karma)
  • Banana-style saddle with 4 bolts seatpost (25.4mm diameter)

Potential extra parts (for extra $$):

Usual marks on bumpers and missing Snapple cap on the outside of the spooner (but still soft and the right shape without).

Here is the break down of parts:

  • KH Fusion Freeride saddle with dark green highlight
  • Nimbus regular seatpost (25.4mm diameter) with 25.4 to 27.2 shim
  • Mad4One double-bolts clamp (light green aluminium)
  • Flasnberrium fat frame #100264029 with right disc tab & line guide
  • Maxxis Colossus 26x4.8 120tpi tire (barely used)
  • Fat tube with presta valve & metal gold cap
  • Jade Cycle Fat Alu rim with cutouts (80mm width)
  • Nimbus CrMo ISIS hub (32 spokes)
  • KH Spirit cranks (137 / 165mm) with non-functional 110 drilling
  • M12 bolts with self-extracting rings (can provide the original set on demand)
  • Wellgo plastic pedals (medium green)
  • Shimano Deore XT disc brake with BR-M535 caliper (homemade Snapple spooner)
  • Tektro 160mm disc

Extra parts provided:


Flansberrium it’s really nice but I have a 26" but no Flansberrium Frame.

Booth are nice Munis. I don’t need them.

Bupp. Shipping elsewhere is possible but extra (to be quoted with you country+zipcode)

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