[EUROPE][Feeler] Schlumpf road

Hi everybody,

While cleaning up the garage and doing the rounds on the unis (mainly pressure or tube remplacement), I started to wonder if it was time for some spring cleaning. However, I’d rather do so for a purpose.

That is why I am putting this feeler out: is there a road Schlumpf ready for a new home?
I could go for the regular Schlumpf but try to keep cost down as I do not have gold plated unis to sell to raise money for it :rofl:



I’m considering selling my #400 hub once I’ve received a new one from Florian. If you’re keen to wait a few months, I’d be happy to sell you mine :slight_smile:

That’s great news @Maxence !
I am in no rush. In the meantime, I will start saving money and selling extra unis :wink:

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Hello there, I have a m0395 hub that I used for less than 100km (never had the time to train enough).

It’s laced to a Try All 26" 47mm 36F Purple/Red HUB, Sapim 2mm Stainless Spokes, onto a KH 26" Uni.

I Can consider selling the Hub, Wheel or complete Uni.

If interested I can shoot a few pics, drop me a line.

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Another great option is the hunirex. Not exactly the same, only high gear, but a super cool riding machine for lots less money!

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Yeah but have you ever actually ridden one?

Totally different feeling to a Schlumpf and there’s a reason why they didn’t sell very well.


I think it’s an interesting low cost option to introduce “speed” to young people in a club or for those who have a limited budget. There is a way to make adaptations (and it is necessary).
I did a hundred km on a hunirex that I was lent during the last french championships. The chains and the screws loosen quickly and it’s possible to have a bad fall in a too tight turn…
But by removing a link from the chain and adding chain tensioners and threadlocker, there must be a way not to carry your toolbox and your emergency kit.


I had one for two years and quite loved it! The chain was shortened from the start, pedals still close to ground to consider when turning but it also means super easy mount(and dismount) great feeling of that speed since you’re so close to the ground, aand more compact than a 36". If i had kept it the next step would be to give it a brake but i decided to not put money in this setup as i have more freestyle setups to build

I’d love to see one rebuilt with the known flaws fixed and a much lighter frame.


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