[Europe] 24" QU-AX Muni for Sale

This is it. I’m selling my first unicycle. It’s a 24" old school qu-ax muni, nearly two years old(but only ridden for a bit over a year). I mainly did trials and street with it, after learning how to ride on it.

The unicycle is in perfect condition, it’s been looked after well, and apart from many scratches and two replaced spokes, as well as a bit of a bent seatpost base, it’s doing great. Qu-ax are well known for being bomb-proof.

Comes with two spare tires: Dyno Fireball and Wildlife Duro. Been used for about six months each, still have quite a bit of life left in them.

Comes with a KH street saddle, nearly broken, but the foam and cover are alright. I can replace the base before I ship it off, with one from municycle.com

Two pairs of original qu-ax pedals, very strong, but not too grippy. Alright for learning how to grind.

A pair of Factory Of Madness steel pedals. Pretty scratched, with a few bent pins, but still going amazingly strong. Those pedals are completely bomb-proof.

A spare qu-ax frame. This one was a little bit of centre when I first got my uni, so Roland sent me a replacement one, free of charge. This one can be kept as a back-up, if you ever manage to break the one that’s on now.

Oh, and I can also include a spare tube with a few patches on it and a seatpost, that’s been broken. I can reweld it with a bit of reinforcement, if need be.

I’m looking at about 220 euros, plus delivery. Civilized haggling is accepted.

There’s also a possibility of me selling my carbon fibre street saddle, but that would depend on what Scott Wallis replies to me with.

If you’re interested, but think the price is high or don’t want all the things included, contact me and we’ll work something out.

As for now, I’m lowering the price to 205 euros. I need the money to buy new hub and cranks for my trials.

what are you buying if you dont mind me asking?

still stickin to the 24?


Yep, given up the 24", pretty much. I have to choose one right now, and I find that trials suits me better.

If you weren’t on the other side of the world i’d take it…
I am after a muni and cant find one 2nd hand:(

If i had the money i would love a muni
but i have only got about £80 so maby after the summer
iff youve still got it ill have anouther £100 but im sure it will be sold
by then =/.


It was my uni’s birthday yesterday. Now she’s two years old.

I’ll take it for £5 postage included. Deal?

okay can you tell i’m bored at work yet?

I’ll take you from behind, absolutely free.

Can you tell I’ve been drinking last night yet?

pwah no thanks dude. You should smoke something else cause that stuff’ll get you in trouble.

Brendan - here to get ivan’s 24" on top of the trading post for the next 12hrs.

You’re really bored, aren’t you? :smiley:

Tell me about the trouble…

yes :frowning:

ivan if you want me to piss off to some other thread and stop bumping your post up, then please say so. If not i’ll just carry on :wink:

Well, I don’t mind really. But it might affect my sales, so why don’t you come over to MR and we have a chat in there?