Europe: 12 inch unicycle wanted

Hello. I am Matt and I am looking for a 12 inch unicycle in Europe.

I have watched some grown-ups riding unicycles. So cool! I want to ride unicycle too!

I am a rather tiny human for the time being. I tried a 16 inch uni already, but it’s way too big! I ain’t got such long legs yet.

Might you have a 12 inch unicycle for me to start unicycling? Message me please. I’d favor one with an adjustable seat post, as I plan to grow up quickly.

Hi newuser,
I’d suggest starting on the UDC Minibike first.

As you get older, you’ll find that having two wheels is easier than having just one.

Dude, this mini bike is heavy! It’s about half of my own weight. It seems to be made for grown-ups.

Anyway I got a balance bike already and love it. Grown-ups tend to freak out when I go fast downhill. I’m looking for a unicycle now.

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