A quick report back from Eurocycle in Cannes this past weekend

Location - excellent [five miles from the beach on the French Riviera] Weather -
great [if a little hot for rushing around] Facilities - good [one large gym with
sleeping rooms and a cafe] Attendance - not too good [around 50, due to late
advertising and a postal strike]

We played a lot of hockey - unfortunately for us LUNIs it was with an
infuriatingly bouncey tennis ball which we (and most of the other teams) found
hard to control. The German team Lahimo won - as they often do - but they had to
work very hard in several matches including a thrilling final against the hosts
Tous En Piste.

There was also a basketball competition (the first time we LUNIs have tried
it). I think that the home team won that.

The participants came from France, Germany, UK and Switzerland. The best
free-style unicyclist was a young guy from Switzerland called Julian <sp?> who
gave a good performance in the show and an impressive display of gliding
(despite the fact that one of his pedals had sheared off) after the UMX race in
the woods. Now I understand what a gliding hill looks like, so I can start
looking for one for UNICON VIII next year.

Talking of UNICON (which I did at the weekend - a lot), it seems likely that
Eurocycle will not take place at all next year so that it will not compete with
UNICON. The next Eurocycle will be in 1997, possibly in Switzerland.

It was good to meet other unicyclists, including several from the Net. (Hi
Philippe, Thomas, Thomas, and the rest…)

See you all at UNICON VIII…

Peter Philip of the LUNIs - London's Unicycle Hockey Team +44
181 341 7587 Coordinator of UNICON VIII - The World Unicycling Convention 1996