Eurocycle information up-date

Answers to some questions that have been asked about Eurocycle recently.

question: when do I have to register for races its unlikely i’ll be there
on the firday to do so, so can i do it on sat am? Yes- you can register
for races on friday or saturday. races take place at the running track (
off site approx 2 miles away) on Sunday morning. Racing starts at 9am and
finishes at 11am. transport to the track will leave tamarside college at
8.30 am . ( Breakfast starts at 8am) . If you don’t want to get up so
early, don’t opt in to the raceing, there will be social rides leaving
the college a bit later or you could stay on site and sleep and play in
the sports hall.

Question will tamarside supply race officals

They will supply some timekeepers and helpers to get people inthe right
place at right time. Time keeping will hopefully be a mixture of Students
and unicyclists and unicyclists friends and families.

Question If I buy day tickets can I camp?

Yes , There will be some space reserved on a public campsite (
commerical) 2-3 miles away from the college site. Or you can crash at the
college site if you can find room in a classroom, at the moment it looks
like the classroom spaces will be pretty full, so if you want a quiet
night bring a tent!

Question Will I get a confirmation letter if I’ve pre registered.

Yes, these are being mailed this week, in fact you should have got it
already. Bring it with you to ease signing in on the day. If you don’t get
one soon e-mail eurocycle @eurocycle and ask them .They have promised to
read and reply to mail now.

Question Can I pay for meals on the door. NO. The Canteen are only
catering for pre registered people, there will be snacks in the tuck shop
or there is a pub and small shop across the road, more shops and take
aways are a 5 minute unicycle away.

Hope these snippits help.

There are 138 people pre registered from 7 countries. sarah