eurocycle in germany


What is to do for a eurocycle this year?

how many people come to germany?

where can give some help with the much data processing and
get the time by the race.

Thanks Peter

Peter I am interested to know more about your plan for a eurocycle in germany. Please mail me sarah at vimes.eclipse . mail in german is OK.

Peter, Ich bin sehr intersant in Ansicht vor Eurocycle in Deutschland. Bitte, e-mail mich. sarah @ vimes.eclipse mein deutsch ist OK, aber langsam.

Auf England

Re: eurocycle in germany

I think I’ve originally read somewhere about Eurocycle 2004 being
organised 15 - 18 July in Switzerland, and then a message that it was
cancelled? Can anyone confirm?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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