Euroccyle registration , get it in early.

There is just one month left of early pre-registration for Eurocycle 2001. The
european unicycle convention taking place at Tamarside community college in
Plymouth UK from 20th - 22nd of July. A unicycle filled weekend with Unicycle
Hockey, races, games, workshops and basketball.

Information ( in English and some Danish, German and French) and Registration
forms can be found on the Eurocycle web page http;//

Registering early will get you all the eurocycle events, indoor and some outdoor
camping and food (from dinner on friday -lunch on sunday ) AND a free T-shirt.
AND grown ups get 5 pounds off as well.

So register early, get a discount and a free T-shirt. Don’t register early and
the price goes up and you wont get a free T-shirt , there may not be many
T-shirts avalible on the day…

Eurocycle and foot and mouth restrictions… Eurocycle is taking place in a
city, the site is NOT affected by any F&M restrictcions. Muni rides will not
take place in any area that is F&M restricted.


Euro-cycle 2001 20 - 22 July Plymouth UK A european unicycle convention