euro uni pics

hi again the other euro pics was a mess up so i have writen it again i did not want a poll i clicked on it by miss take. any way post any europe uni pictures on this post lets show the usa what we are made of


unitrials from Germany,

5 stairs backward

a nice small rail


Go Europe!!!

Moritz Hahn

Ruhrpott Unitrials

Some Pics from Germany




Some trial-pics from Austria

grind handrail

jump mount on a rail

riding handrail



Excellent stuff! Very impressive.

einradfreak, is that last pic you (or is it someone else?) riding some sort of ramp in a skating park? How did you get so high up it? Maybe I should try that someday too. There’s a skating park not too far away from where I live. Looks like a lot of fun. By the way, did you fall or survive it?

when i saw the first picture i felt a strange sense of deja vu.

when i saw the rest it all made perfect sense.

they were taken at the european juggling convention in svendborg, denmark.

i personaly tried to grind the rail but it was a bit too high.

i wasnt there when these pictures were taken, but i heard about it. i cant remember the guys name. but from the look of it hes pretty damn good.

i didnt do all that much unicycling there because it was so hot i couldnt stand to be out of the shade for more than 5 mins at a time,
that and i was doing loads of contact juggling.

the guy in the background of the first picture is jakob, hes english, we built at trials course in the renegade tent, and did some jumping arround in a renegade show.
in the show we did a couple of nice moves like my airbourne unispin, and jakes 360 drop, my gaps on the wheel and jakes doing trials on a girrafe.

if anybody remembers that.

also david pozantner was there, riding a bicycle.

theres some pretty damn good riders in europe, but you dont often hear about them on the english forum.

next year make sure and turn up, all you non eupopeans.

old europe, new skillz.

p.s. its a real juggling convention, with a 24hour bar tent and onsite camping for a week and a half, none of this competitive nonsense that i keep hearing about from american conventions.

next year its in lille, in the north of france.

oooh direct trains from London to Lille. Am muchly tempted.


yeild unto the temptation…

HI joona

Yes that´s me at the pic.
I didn´t fall!
If you want to see more of this stuf…

The most impotain thing to get up as high as i do is speed.
You have to go very fast. realy very very fast!
It ist hard to hold the sped as long as possible.
At the highest point wenn your speed is away you turn the uni and go down. At the ground you have to pedal fast again.

Trial in the Skatepark is real fun: Rails, boxes and ramps can be done by uni in many ways.

Have fun in the Skatepark
Ciao DAvid

hey david…this is so funny! I was looking through the pics on your website and i saw this one:

When i was in berlin last summer with my girlfriend we walked past this exact place and i was thinking that would be an interesting place to unicycle. I guess you beat me to it :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ll try to contact you next time im around. tschuß.


my newest trick:

Grind Seat-out nohand…
or how ist the Trick exactly called when you stop the seat with the toes?

Ciao DAvid

mehr pics und clips:


I wish I lived in Europe… I don’t have anything nearly as cool as all that to ride on.

All the photos are great, I don’t even know that many unicyclists where I live, only like 2 others…

Does the European Juggling Convention have a website that I can go to or is there any contact information for next year?

You Guys Rock!


There is an European Juggling Convention website:

But i do not think that next year will be many good unicyclists there because the Unicon ist at the same time

Bye DAvid

Here some pics from Italy…

PS: Einradfreak, I were there, in Svendborg, when you did those stuff, I also have some photos (not digital) of you and other guys. If you want them I can scan and send them to you.

Ciao ciao

hi everybody!

some of my trials pics : (i think david & moritz allready know them)

greetings from vienna!