Euro rider joins 2008 KH Team


Fredrik Justnes from Norway has joined the KH team for 2008.

He brings onboard a solid, well-rounded combination of riding skills and good videography, and the motivation to keep getting better for a long time. So I’m happy to support that and wanted to say welcome to the team!

Fredrik’s YouTube page is at I’ll put up a team page at in the next while.


This is awesome!

He is such a good rider it is ridiculous :).

Great choice Kris.

sounds cool. when i can get youtube working, then i’ll go see his movies.

Yay!! Yay,yay!! He’s a really good rider. I love his stuff so much.

One more post and you’re at 666, Kris… eek!!

It was only a matter of time.
GJ fredrik!

Congratulations Fredrik! And congratulations Kris to have such a good rider in your team!

Anyone more joining your team???

We already knows about team news… When we will know about product news??? :roll_eyes:

I’m really curious about product news for 2008… when we will see all the news??

Thanks Kris! And congratulations to both: Kris and Fredrik! :smiley:


yeah, kris is a rider from the hell! He rocks!

Gratulerer Fredrik!

Heia Norge!

congratulations fredrik, you’re a great rider!

Congratulations Fredrik! :smiley: He really deserves it.

Nice Job Dude!

Awesome, good job Fredrik.

Kjempegöj Fredrik! ;D

sweet! good job freddie you deserve it!

Wow! Thats awesome! Congrats Fredrik! You are a very skilled rider and deserve it…

Kris when will you announce stuff for the 2008 KH components?

Thanks, and Good job!,


He doesn’t release stuff annually, just whenever it’s ready.

Ohhh okay…I see…Thanks…But still will Kris announce it when the 2008 stuff is done?

No hes going to keep it a secret so no one can buy it.

Congrats to Fredrik, I thought he was already sponsored by Koxx for some reason.

ahaha nice joke:p…

And why would Fredrik be sponsored by Koxx if he rides a KH…:stuck_out_tongue: and he isnt on the K1 website:p;) :smiley:

He has a white K1 clamp on his uni, maybe because of that? :roll_eyes:

Peter M