euro-cycle report#1

Euro-Cycle 2000 morfelden.De

It was hot, very hot, and mostly sunny so we all got to top up our tans except
when we were shut in a hall playing hockey . We played a lot of hockey, in a
complex double knock out system which gave even losing teams masses of games and
placed each team 1- 16. As I’m there already this report will mostly be about
hockey, another one might come along tommorrow. So if you don’t like hockey go
and read some thing else.

There were two competitions this year, the best team group and the normal team
group. best were basicly the top 7 german clubs and denmark (a late entry after
the normal group was full) The Normal group had 16 teams, games were 10 min each
way, and after your game each team supplied two officals for the next game.
Teams were sure to get at least 4 games each.

The normal teams were ( please excuse mis-spellings) Borken Lahimo3 Bochum jnr
Denmark jnr Dusseldorf Radlos The Braves (switzerland) Uk misfits (scratch team)
Morfelden Joker Winsen best of world ( scratch team) 1001 sp bocow ballerinas
radlos mixed Breckenheim Darmstadt

Representing players from 6 european countries, ( 3 nationalities in Uk misfits
alone). This was a truely international tornament. As goalie for Uk misfits my
recollection is of course subjective. We won our first 3 games, having to work
hard to beat Dussledorf who have some excellent girls playing for them now. We
played an english style game, forceing the opposion to defend and trying to
limit their attacking. Playing agaist us was likened to playing pinball, the
“flippers” were going bang bang with the ball at the goal all the time.
Eventully we met our match in the radlos team who beat us 2:1 a low scoring
very tight game , radlos went on to come second. Our final game was agaist the
Braves, a fast skilled team from switzerland who trounced us. Our nippy 20 inch
riders were out run by fast 24 inch riders and were unable to play our
“pinball” style game that had been working so well. The Braves went on to Win
the Normal group.

In the best team group, Bochum met Lahimo in an action packed final. Great to
watch two good teams tussling for the match.

Euro-cycle is not just a hockey fest ( it just feels like one sometimes) I’ll
write a bit about some other aspect of euro-cycle another time.


Hockey Leader table

Best group 1st Lahimo (de) 2nd Bochum (de) 3rd Morfelden (de)

Normal group 1st The Braves (ch) 2nd Radlos (de) 3rd Uk misfits (uk)(be)(fr)