Euro-cycle 2001, update.

Yesterday I visted Tamerside College in Plymouth, the school who are hosting
euro-cycle 2001. I met Steph , the student organiser and some members of staff
who are supporting the student team.

The site has great potential, there are three sizable halls, one big enough for
Hockey, another for Basketball. Around the school grounds are playgrounds and
grass areas for playing games. There are an abundance of benches and walls to
jump around and off, with the schools younger riders being keen to build ramps
and steps in woodwork classes . With two drama studios we should be able to have
a general circus skills workshop room open all weekend for those who who are
less fanatical about unis, and the larger studio will seat about 240 people as a
preformance space.

It is expected that euro-cycle will be hiring a running track for a session so
we can hold a european track racing competion , and there are ideas being
discussed for a ride in the historic harbour area of the town. Muni rides will
happen either on Dartmoor or in less severe countryside for the less
experienced munier.

A web page for event information has been delayed but is now under construction,
I’ll post agian when its up and going.

There are a few unicycle jobs that need volunteers to do them, so please get in
contact with me ( sarah) if you could do one of the folowing

  • organise a basket ball tournament .
  • Compere a cabaret show - this is a two person job really, one german speaker,
    one english, unless one person wants to try and do both :slight_smile:

Hopefully theres a few UK/ euro riders out there willing to help, after all our
convention is what we , the riders make it.