euro-cycle #2

The Show

This years show was a mixed bag, every thing from a TINY uni ( about 10inch
high) to the awesome artistic cycling of Julian ( sp?) on two wheels. Taking in
the talents of other members of the SKV Morfelden in Trampoline and belly-dance.
A small gripe for the Danish, french, english and belgian members of the crowd
was that we did not understand any thing the compare said, so had little idea
who was who or what their credentials were. If I get names wrong, thats why, my
German is not too hot.

A four girl team of artisic bike riders from SKV morfelden demonstrated their
poise and skill on one and two wheels, mainly one as they spun and twisted in
formation wheelies. This was the first group art bike routine I’ve seen and I
was very impressed, the next day i was allowed to try one out and found it much
harder than these lasses made it look.

Manfred played with beer and many unis large and small, the TINY uni arrived on
stage in a bag and was so small that you’d lose it on a busy carpet.The largest
was a tri wheeler giraffe with a bc wheel and plenty of seat dragging and
impressive tricks in between. A pair of girls showed off on one uni, look out
sem and theresa these kids were good, another pair unied to Singing in the Rain.
Belly dancing was sureal, no, the dancing was odd and the two small camels with
multi-coloured socks were sureal.

The smiley faces filled the stage with shiney costumes and lots of riders, my
first group free style so again I was impressed but I had nothing to compare
them agaist.Did like the mexican wave mount start tho.

Thriller! um, more dance…no unis, lots of make up, not convinced this one was
a good choice, but I think they were from the skv.

Trampoline started the second half off with 4 girls who did hard stuff and a
little kid who stole the show with his slighty wobblely pikes and tucks, at his
diminutive size climbing onto the bed unaided was worth a round of applause.

Julien wowed us with his solo art bike routine, circling the stage stood on
saddle and handle bars, treating the bike like a zig zag giraffe and generally
being very good at it. In the UK the nearest we get to that kind of skill is the
flatland BMXers whos style is rather less show-biz, this euro art bike thing was
an eye opener.

Arne brought the show to an end with his second piece of juggling, the first had
been with glow-balls in broad daylight, the final was fire club swinging in the
dusk, then all the acts took a last bow and the show was over, time for a beer.

The Uk misfits enjoyed a beer or three, finding a hiden talent in the team for
close to harmony beer botle blowing. hum, theres a renagade act in there I feel.

Thats all folks sarah