Eunicycles. how to build your own motorized gyroscopic self balanceing unicycle.

Dont know if this has been seen here or not, but it was just posted on my website poiinthepark so i had to post it here, this thing is funny but looks a whole heap of fun.

how to build your own motorized gyroscopic self balanceing unicycle.


Isn’t that basically what a Segway is?

segway = two wheels and huge platform
this thing = actual unicycle. click on the link for the pics/info

That thing is sweet!

That thing is cool, but not as cool as a normal uni. I feel like it defeats the purpose of a uni.

Plus it’s $1500, and I think it looks nerdy.

That thing is sick but no way in hell am I going to pay more than $1000 for it. And im sure you cant do any tricks on it. It pretty much is just for gliding along. But hell…if your rich, go for it.

i saw that while i was searching around for “how to build a unicycle” tutorial… i never found one…

personally, i think it’s cheating…learn how to unicycle for REAL!

if you read the whole thing, it says he had to learn to ride a normal one before he tried this.

i recenty wrode this thing, its hard, fuun but supper hard
since ive been learning the bc the pas few weeks
it was hard to grasp the lean forward to go forward thing
also when i tryed to mount
i timed the seat back which drove it in to me throwing me over the top

its fun and seems like a neat peoject but id rather take the 1.5 k and by a shlumf geared coker.

You know, it would be possible to cram all of the electronics into a larger wheel than he’s using, and use bc platforms for a balance reference.