EUC10 winter edition results

Here are the results from EUC10 winter edition:


Congratulation to all EUC champions!!!

special thanks to all my team riders which did a fantastic job while EUC :slight_smile: team utv rocks!

thx a lot :slight_smile:
and I’m 5th in trial and 6th in street !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice man.Who got 4th in trials ?

Joe Hodges. He got as many lines as Aleix but slower.

oh yeah i knew that lol ,just forgot

That’s not why Joe came 4th. He got as many lines as the 3rd place guy, but refused to do the tiebreaker which was doing a line with a cup of water and seeing how much water was left when you were done or something like that. The other guy just put it in his mouth and did it I heard.

Oh. Well that is a very stupid tiebreaker.

Edit: congrats on your 4th place too!

I don’t think it is that stupid, the tiebreak was a line with a 5 pallets Crankgrab followed by a gap. The cup of water force the rider to jump very controlled.
For sure a speed trial or a very difficult Obstacle is an exciting alternative but it mostly give advantage to one rider who is better in Speed trial or in the technical problem of that one Obstacle. Our system give fair option to win to all riders which take part in the tiebreak.
We use that system for female senior and male junior and they like it cause it is fair and kind of fun. In male senior Joe prefer to become 4th then to do the tie. As Aleix like to do the tiebrak anyway Maxime was so kind to do it for fun together with him.

We can’t go for time cause all riders ride until the last second of the competition. There was 43 lines all over, Mark did 36, Maxime did 35, Aleix and Joe did 34.

I’m sorry Olarf, but I do not agree with you on this one.
I think the important thing is if someone does a line without falling and with as little grabs as possible.
It does not mather what the free hand does, just as long as the rider completes the line without falling.
We need something like biketrial rules.

1 line earns 5 points when done without pedalgrab, 4 when done with 1 grab, 3 when done with 2 grabs, and so on till 0 points when done with 5 grabs.
Foot on floor is still a re-run of the line.

Would make ties much less possible to happen and realy will push the sport.

But hey, thats just my opinion…

I agree that there is for sure room for better rules in Trials but I take part at Bike Trial competitions and those rules are mhhhhhh…
However, ideas are welcome everytime and should be discussed, maybe you should sign in for the IUF rulebook committee to implement your Ideas there and discuss about them.
Our tiebreak at EUC was a mix of fun and fair fight and it seems that rider and audience had some fun while doing that unusual tie :slight_smile:

Those are amazing rules,join the IUF commitee and get them official

I think that give advantage simple to riders that are able to jump higher and those which are technical very good but prefer to enter obstacles with Grabs are in disadvantage. For me the main aspect is to manage an Obstacle without a dismount and without touching the obstacle with your feet or Body. Grabs are up to now 100% legal and with this rule they went to a bad thing. To get 0 points if you manage an Obstacle with 5 Grabs sounds strange for me.
In Bike trials are no Grabs and the rules give - points when you touch the ground by feet. They don’t have to restart then, they can continue which save time in their competitions. In the US some bike trialer swap to uni trial rules cause they don’t like their system :slight_smile:
I think to eliminate Crank and Pedal Grabs is not the right way to improove Trial Sports.

That is very true.I think pedal grabs can be very useful and i dont want to elimate them completely because it makes lines bigger and more technical.I just want to see people go to rubber more often and to have the motive to go to rubber instead of pedal.It looks alot better and makes you a very skilled rider and best of all it feels alot better !.Pedal grabs are mostly slow and the easy way out of things.Whats to stop people pedal grabbing everything ? If someone did that ,trials would look rediculous in my opinion.If 2 people were in a trials competition and one person did every line with just pedal grabs and the other went to rubber i think the person who went to rubber should win because they are clearly the more skilled rider.In bike trials you dont see people who hop 80cm winning world champs.Why should all the lines be kept at heights that everyone can do ? There are categories of skill level in alot of events and should be for every event.A 1m sidehop to a rail is much harder than a 60cm hop to rail.Maybe there should be two styles of comps like bike trials has UCI and BIU (non pedal and pedal).

To sum it all up i think going to rubber pushes the sport and the level of riding and pedal grabs just holds the competition side of the sport back

I like the idea of Probailer2…
but I think it will be hard to make them official…
what will you do with a really pedalgrab line? (a line were you just can’t go to rubber…) does it counts for only 1 point? while it can be much harder than a line were you have to do everything on rubber…

I hope it will be possible to make it official… But who is in the IUF commitee and can represent us?

and for the tie…
the best thing is to avoid it ( Probailer’s rules…)
or make 3 new very diffrent lines (were you test every aspect of trial) and the person who can do it wins (when there is a tie=the first one who does the lines)

I like the rules how they are, we need something to make les ties and tiebreakes more fair but except of that I think they are realy nice.
Sure it doesnt look realy good if people pedal grab everything but it is still always an advantage if you are realy good in jumping to rubber (Fabian Mark at euc…). It isnt perfect either that the pros have to do realy easy lines to but if you organise a little bit before the competion you can do the easy lines realy fast and then start to do the hard ones.

If you want new rules write them and propose them to the rulebook.

I think a good idea would be to keep the rules the same but have lines where youre not allowed to pedal grab and lines where you are