EUC10 winter edition - registration is open

From the 13. to 15. of February the next EUC winter edition will happen in Cologne / Germany. There will be Trials, Flatland and Street competition like we do it this year. The number of participants is again limited to 150 riders so visit to sign in soon.

Airport information

As a maybe usefull information for the riders who come from far away I would like to list the possible airports where we offer also a shuttle service normaly:

Köln-Bonn (CGN)
Düsseldorf (DUS)
Dortmund (DTM)
Frankfurt (FRA)

and if there is no other way also

Hahn (HHN)

With train you can go to Köln main Station or Köln - Deutz

If you book in time it should be possible to get cheap tickets to Cologne, you can arrive also Friday if needed and leave Tuesday in the morning, please contact us if you want to request for other options.

Just to keep you updated, after the first 14 days 33% of the availiable places are booked and we have actually riders from 8 countries :slight_smile:
Don’t miss to get your place at EUC in time :smiley:

only 40 places left

Here a short update of EUC10 winter edition registration. We have 95 participants from 9 nations :slight_smile: For the competitions we have up to now:
Trial: 51, (15 female and 36 male)
Flat: 37, (10 female and 27 male)
Street: 31, (5 female and 26 male)

Im happy to find such a lot “Unigirls” this year, more and more female rider seems to get more and more into Xtreme unicycling which is great. Downhill, Trial and Flat are mostly accepted now and for street will also grow soon for the girls!

As we have 15 to 20 reservations there are maximum 40 places free now so take your chance now and sign in to don’t miss this experience :smiley: