EUC09 video competition "the videos"

no it wasn’t your mistake. as Kevin said it was miscommunication…
but if you like i can pull together another vid of Krisz like within a week, cause i have tons of footage of him, plus i had a good idea today :slight_smile:
so you still have to wait for this vid, but you’ll get a brand new one - and i promise you’re gonna like it
how about that?

ok, then you won’t be allowed to check the new one :stuck_out_tongue:

good idea
i saw the vid at wuko but i i dont know what i did i think i selpt or something:D (can only rember 1/4 of the other vids :roll_eyes: :D)
will we see the vid anytime?

Dammit, this is why checking the forums regulary is important. Really want to see a vid of krisz :frowning:

O well I think I’m still one of the only people who downloaded Shaun’s sej flip :stuck_out_tongue:

haha i didn’t know it was that boring…
of course you’ll see it, but we don’t know when…

Yeah, look like this date is impossible to define… but we will!

I have both Krisz and Adrien/Pedro’s on my computer :slight_smile:

I would have liked to have seen Yoggi’s.


yoggis is still online, you find it here

Hi Olaf,
Thanks for posting the videos, they are all really good!!!
But it seems that there are still problems with Yoggi’s video……:frowning:

no it wasn’t boring at all but i was too tired:D
i can only barely rember the beginning

Adrien and Pedro’s has a super hot jam! I think it’s downloadable… for sure.

its a 1260 btw
PS: ur not alone Chris, the song that jim used in sinco krisz old vid is #1 on my ipod :stuck_out_tongue: and watched vid like 1000 times, you make nice dream after agrr :o