EUC09 video competition "the videos"

Now all videos that take part at the EUC video competition are online at, take a look here:




enjoy :smiley:

Krisz’s is sick! Was that a fullvarial doubleflip I saw in there (1:47)? And a flip-underflip(3:11)?
His coast up and down (:47) was really neat.

Other vids were nice too. (Poham’s was amazing)

EDIT: Yoggi’s only goes to the end of Elliot’s flat run (about half way)… Is it just me?

Awesome, they are all really good!

Gliding :stuck_out_tongue:

Yoggi’s also stopped after Elliot for me.

Stopped for me aswelll :frowning:

Hey y’all!

As you might have noticed two of the videos are down, and you’re all like “Ahhh, flip! Why can’t I download this video!”

I guess there was some miscommunication and a couple videos aren’t meant to be shown online. But don’t worry, you will get a chance to see them sometime in the near future. For those have you that luckily got to downloading them, please do not distribute it online at all (youtube, vimeo, to your friends, etc). Now go scurry and make rumours about why you aren’t allowed to see them yet.

Thanks guys, sorry and I hope you’re not all furious

Please get drunk before watching mine video with Adrien! otherwise it will be boring!

it’s a fun video, do not expect much! Altough more is coming soon ;)!

As someone who downloaded (and seen both) Felix’s was taken off because of a 900 sidespin. And Krisz’s because of his 1080 off the ledge and spencerflip :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry I what I said before about Krisz’s (if that stuff was supposed to be kept secret).

I wasn’t drunk and it intertained me…

Nice that it was enjoyable without drinking! But I must put online people dancing the intro song at EUC!


hhahah that was great Pedro…

ha. i downloaded sincos.

Man, I wanted to watch Kriszes!

It was sweet. Lots of sweating in it.

I’m extremely furious. Krizs… + sinco… = EPIC RAWR!!! I want it now! I still watch krizs’z old sinco vid every night before I sleep. So good, gah.

sorry… :o

You have broken the bridge that is my heart… You better fix this bridge before it is gone for good Jim… Or face the loss of you love for you.

AHA! I got to see Krisz’s vid before it was taken off! TWICE!

Things like this generally create anti-climax. Who’s decision was it to keep these videos secret, after they had been posted and who decides when they will be posted?

I wasn’t drunk but I watched it on Ecstasy and it was very entertaining! Just kidding…

I was a bit fast in uploading them and the riders forget to let me know that their vids was planned for another project. The owner of the videos decide to make them offline again and they will also decide when they are availiable. Both is always the right of each video producer I think. So I made a mistake and thats all. There are more “secret” videos arround.
So all of you has something to wait for now :smiley: