We have already upladed a selection of the best pictures of the week end.
it is avaiable at the EUC gallery here :

Here are the official results of EUC09 Summer edition !

Any chance someone will put up video of preliminary flatland runs or the quarterfinal flatland battles?

Good pictures too.

How about results for long and high jump?

It’s funny how a relative unknown seems to always win trials. Who is Aleix Lidon? And does he have any videos?

We will upload also the other battles and some of the qualifications but i have also some other stuff to do then only cutout clips and upload :wink:
I think over this weekend all flat i have here will be online, the rest follows when jim is ready.

Aleix is not unknown and some riders with good videos are never able to win a competition maybe. videos are different and not needed to be a good rider :smiley:
Aleix was awesome to watch. He is great!
ALl over it was not much more then a fingersnip between Joe and Aleix.

He’s a trial rider from spain, here you can see his last video before euc

nice pics :slight_smile:
but where are the full trial results?
and aren’t there more pictures :p?

Now also the last battles are online, you find them here

Awesome. He looks like he has some good skills and awesome spots to ride at. I liked his really long lines.

WOO go kevin!! Aussie represent:p

hang on a second. did the junior trials hav different lines to the rest??

dam too late to edit

i was just looking at the pictures n could help but notice that basically everyone is now sponsored by ADDICT

Haha, yeah.
Luc, Sophia, Elias, Raphael, Lorenz, Aleix Lidon, and Joe
Who did I miss?

mark fabian was wearing an ADDICT shirt but he was on an XTP so not sure bout him but my geuss would b that he is in the process of getting an ADDCIT uni.

also i feel like a noob having to ask but who is Luc Henaff?:o

also wat exactly is exceed? i saw it on joe’s latest video and i noticed it on the sleeve of the ADDICT t-shirt.

Stereim Luc, same person.
You know, first to land quadflips on flat… He can hicktriple, fifthlateback… He is one of the best riders for flip tricks on flat ground.


ah thanks.

although i thought krizs was the first to land a quad?

I think Exceed will be a new brand that wil release realy nice and light frames…

I make a mistake at Flat final results, here are the modify ones

Adrien and Krisz was tie and judges didn’t find any winner to the final battle
so we did ask them if they prefer tie 1st place or making a tie brake the next day.
Both has choosen to keep tie 1st place !

Nope, [flat]sorry...
Bad quality, but also he did a few at the french unicycle cup.

another brand? y not just add the frames to the ADDICT range? and if it’s being designed by someone other than yoggi then y was it on the ADDICT shirts?

Big gallery from EUC:

i don’t think that exceed is a new brand i think that exceed and addict a company is thats work together!

here is also a vid from romain of CDK about this new brands